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Name | Version: jo.Locators 1.5
Author: jonasobermueller
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: Missed this feature in Ableton Live for quite some time so I programmed a solution in M4L.

A floating window that automatically updates and shows you all the Locators you created in a session in organized order by time. Also, let's you select locators and have the play-cursor jump to them depending on your global quantization.


Update 1.5: Fixed some issues that made the colors not update correctly when using the device in Live 10. The table should now change color again automatically when switching Lives theme. Renamed Device to Locators.


Live Version Used: 10
Max Version Used: 8
Date Added: Apr 22 2014 08:58:15
Date Last Updated: Mar 06 2019 12:48:28
Downloads: 2056
License: Attribution
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Device File: jo.Locators.amxd


Wow, thanks! Very useful for my live-setup in arrangement-view. Seems to work without bugs on my Macbook with Ableton 9.1.2 and Max 6.1.6.
Very good tool. Thanks a lot.
damn useful !!! thank you bro))
Very nice! Is this available anywhere? Thanks.
(I.E., your website is down.)
Ach. Got it. :-)
Hey Jonas, thanks for this, it now has a firm place in my composing template. :) Is ther a way to have the locators listed in the chronological order as they appear on the timeline?

Great device, thanks for sharing
Hey, super, thanks.

But, is there a way to sort the locators by time ?
That wold be great.

Thanks for the very helpful device that fills a hole in the native app - but I would echo that it's not always helpful to have Locators listed in the order they were created. Plus, would love the ability to scale the floating window and have text size increased.
Is it possible to make small additions?
1. Export List as seen in the panel to a *.TXT file
2. Export Locator List to compatible *.CSV file for import into Adobe Audition ?
3. (extra) import of locators from *.CSV file (the one exported for Audition)
Amazing device ! I was missing that since years and stupidly I never did a research here.
And it seems to be perfectly stable on my M1 pro running Ableton Live 11.2.10.

I don't get some commentaries about the way the locators are sorted out.
To me, they appear depending on their position on the timeline, and it's the most logical way : I want the intro before the first chorus and the coda after the 2nd chorus (that is after the first chorus). If I create the intro locator at the end of the mix session, it still appears first in the device, as it appears first in the timeline...
But maybe I didn't get their issues...
mmm. ok, I posted a bit too quick today. Actually when I insert the device in an already made set, it has a strange way of sorting out the locators.
As an exemple, I inserted jo-locators in a Live session where I had already plenty of locators, they went in the correct order, but when I added another one at the complete end of the track, it put it in the second place.
I don't get it exactly.
It could be an amazing device if it could respect the order of the locators in the timeline, because it's of course what makes the most sense...
So damn useful!!

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