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Hi brodiem and thanks for the quick answer.
I would love to have this feature for using it onstage.
I'm using Live onstage, set up in a way I can launch a scene and I've got all needed for a song (soft synths, FX, prerecorded stuff etc. etc.).
So one song = one scene
Each time I launch a scene, I turn on a specific rack for the song I'm playing, with soft synths and FX on it, all grouped into specific racks I'm calling or disabling.
Let's imagine I'm playing a song and using soft synth A on the verse, and soft synth B on the chorus. With your device, I could turn on/off A et B only playing a note on my keyboard.
The same for any FX I would like to switch on and off with another note.
I think the best for me would be to map each note to a chain selector within the rack (instead of the on/off switch), but anyway you see the whole picture.
I don't think anybody did that with a M4L device, as far as I know (and I searched a lot), so you could be the first !
And I would be very grateful !
P.S. : and it could be cool to be able to choose the note you want to map. But anyway, just the toogle feature would be great...

Is it not more a momentary switch than a toogle switch ?

I say this because Toogler turns on (or off) the device only while I keep the key pressed. The note off message (key depressed) makes the device to come back to its initial state.
I was expecting a different behavior :
- I press a key (and release it) : device on
- I press the same key later : device off

Actually, I don't think there is any true toogle M4L device around here (only momentary, for any strange reason), so it could be cool to make it work as a toogle device...
Momentary 8 pro for exemple is a great device (similar to yours with more options), but it's acting as a momentary switch.

Looks great and just works so far.

While mixing, I spend my time assigning and de-assigning keyboard keys on various groups of plugins when I want to compare different options of processing.
With this little device, I will save a lot of time.
Thanks a lot !!!

I didn't test it in the context of an heavy set, but if it doesn't add CPU load, it will be one the greatest utility M4L devices I use...

Hi there

Great device, but why not add the option of a toogle behavior.
play a Note : parameter on
play again the note : parameter off

I guess it can be coded as a kind of hold midi note function (no note off message), then you need to play again the note for send the note off message

Very cool device.

But it would be great to be able to add a toogle mode, so we can map any note to a parameter exactly like a CC toogle button.
For exemple to trigger on/off message.

It's crazy, but I'm searching since weeks about this very simple function and I couldn't find any M4L device working that way.

It could be coded as a "hold note" function that stays until the note is played again. So the note off message would be only sent at the second note hit...

Hi Noach
Great device, specially that it looks like the only one existing that can do what it does.
Is there any plan to fix the apparence ?

VERY useful device !

Actually, I use it a lot for before/after gain staging.

For exemple when I add a compressor or a saturation plugin, I can manage very easily the make up gain of it just by inserting this device before and after.
No need to open 2 windows of meter plugins on my already crowded laptop screen, your device makes it super easy !

I've got 2 suggestions for make it a killer device for mixing workflow :
- Add a VU and/or RMS metering option (with -18dbfs as the 0VU).
So you can check the VU level or RMS before/after your FX (and not only the peaks).
- add the possibility to calibrate the peak threshold. Or at least let the user choose between 0db, -6db and -10db...

Lots of analog style plugins are calibrated around these values...
And actually, you idea to keep all infos on the device itself with no need to open a floating window, is just EXCELLENT ! And great for workflow issues...

Hi Takadimi
Sorry to answer so lately, but yeah, thanks.
It works great with vsti !

A feature suggestion : to make it work when the track is muted because another one is soloed !
For exemple : you want to concentrate on a track and solo it. All the other tracks are disabled and your CPU is smiling to you...

Great idea when your live set is crowded and you want to work on a smal part of it where you don't need most of the other tracks.
But there is one problem : it seems you can't place it before instruments (Vsti) ! And the devices that are usually the most CPU intensive (at least for me) are the instruments, not the effects...
Could you make a version that could be place before instruments ?

Actually this device is a life saver for me.
I was searching for a device that could let me control synths (or plugins) that were on a launched scene - and only them (I use Live for the stage, and each of my scene is a song with its specific synths and FX).
The main problem for me with other devices that were similar to your was that for each song I use different synths and the values I want to control are all the time different, so using absolute encoder was giving me headache and I had a lot of issues with relative encoders (Reaktor and Diva, for exemple, don't recognize the incremental CC messages my keyboard is sending).
Your "value scaling" option just saved my life regarding this problem : it's not perfect (an incremental option should be the best, but I can't find it nowhere on M4L devices), but it's near perfection !!!
Thanks a lot !

Great idea, but it doesn't work with incremental (or relative) encoders.
It could be great to figure out a way to use it with such encoders...

Great device, but the mapped parameter is not saved with the Live Session, which is a problem for me because I'm planning to use it on stage...
Am i doing something wrong or is it a bug ?

By "incremental CC signal", I mean a CC signal sent by a relative encoder (or endless encoder)

By "incremental CC signal", I mean a CC signal sent by a relative encoder (or endless encoder)

Hi JGJP. Great device and exactly what I needed !

But there is still some issues for me, and the biggest is that it doesn't accept incremental CC signal (from an incremental encoder, where turning right adds CC whil turning left subtract).
If I try to use it with my midi controller sending incremental CC, it doesn't understand it and behave stupidly...
I remember too that I had some problems while loading a previously saved Live session, but I didn't remember the exact issue... Maybe it didn't record the original value of the mapped parameter, I need to test it again for be sure...

Anyway, great idea. If you could make it compatible with incremental it could be a killer device, and make Ableton Live as flexible on stage as Reaktor (the main interest in Reaktor is that the mapping is "per instrument" : the CC signal used for a parameter keeps being free for another use in the set, like with your device).

Your device looks cool, but I can't figure out how to use it properly. Could you give some more infos about it, in particular how to map each function.
Or maybe is it only working on "selected track" ?
I don't have a controller for now, so I can't experiment it...