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Name | Version: BeatGenSeq-Mod 1.4.4
Author: pp
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: BeatGenSeq-Mod

...a beat generator and sequencer...

Combining a rhythm generator and a step sequencer into a single flexible instrument

1.4.1 UPDATE: many new functions, tidier code, etc...

1.2 UPDATE: added new 'auto-Dice' feature...


This patch is a MODIFICATION of the Manuel Poletti device developed in the 'Max for Live' tutorial set, "Building MIDI Generators". You will find it in track "15 Final step" in that tutorial. It is worth going through that tutorial for a fuller explanation of this device and the thinking and techniques associated with it. Please note - it is NOT my work. I liked the effect so much I wanted it to be more fully integrated as a M4L device in my setup. Latterly I discovered it as "Max Impro Beat" in the 'Max MIDI Effect' > 'Tools' folder. Either way, many features have been added...

More controls have been exposed to clip-modulation and track-automation features, including the sequencer loop brace. Also, an 'auto-Dice' feature with many options has been added to the 'Transform' function and 'Edit Mode'. A few other things, see the documentation that comes with the device / see the picture. The sequencer is only one level deep, but better for that in its simplicity. It works very well if you make a 'MIDI Effect Rack' with a few of them on separate 'chains'.

Information and instructions are included with the device download.


Live 8.1.3 / M4L 5.1.4


Live Version Used: 8.1.3
Max Version Used:
Date Added: Dec 11 2009 06:09:08
Date Last Updated: Jun 15 2010 06:15:59
Downloads: 16775
License: None
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Device File: BeatGenSeq-Mod.amxd


nice work, thanks for sharing
in general i have problem? if dling device it says htm at the end no .amxd? something wrong?
i THINK this might be a known '' problem. try switching web browser, to firefox or chrome or whatever. but if the file you download is called "BeatGenSeq-Mod.amxd.htm" then you can just delete the ".htm" off the end and it will work fine. any moere probs get in touch with '' i guess. hope this helps.
yes pp _ i knew this was a thing tho i had so long password to try it out IE fast :D thx
Great stuff...

About the download on Safari...
Just delete the .html and everything is fine.
This is fantastic. Thanks for sharing!
On the Safari issue, I still haven't found a way to fix this. The problem comes from how Safari looks at content headers. If I fix it where it works in Safari, it breaks in other browsers.

As was mentioned, you can just rename the file though and it works fine.
Wow and thx! Working much more stable than anything out of the box. 5 minutes in and I am really liking.

thanks a lot, a nice way to generate things aninspiration ! great !
Much appreciated. Love the generative quality it adds to the music.
shockingly musical code right here. Thank you so much for sharing, my uninspired brain is grateful.
AWESOMNESS! Thank you!!

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