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yeah, the abstraction "delay control.maxpat" isn't in there. Also, it's a bit generically named, so you might run into trouble with it down the line.

yeah, it's a one-knob Dattaro reverb. Interestingly, the values for the allpasses and delays are different, as far as I can tell. Looking forward to giving it a spin, pardon the pun.

>The only plugin in the world to control Ableton Live Suite from any analogue instrument or microphone.


Now, hyperbole is common on this site, but this is crazy.

Dennis, am I misremembering, or did you do APC40 work at the Berlin office in that little studio WAY back in the day?

Still cookin'. So good.

lovely little device!

it would take very little effort to make this a stereo device, btw.

> it is recorded into its own temporary file and manipulated "warp mix"

can you describe this part? We don't really have an audio demo - are you recording it to a buffer and then timestretching that buffer in the feedback path?

Just... stunning work. It's an art piece in itself, and reminds me of the legendary Leafcutter John apps.

I think I speak for a lot of people when I say that mfl has gotten too significant to be trapped in that small lower fourth with pop-outs.

Slow down, dillon. Let us catch up with you a little! :)

I've used the original Sting! since it came out, and copied / stolen from it ever since.

I love seeing life in the original idea still.

Hej Frede, ser godt ud!

>jsui: can't find file dokk.hitech-gater.led.js

I take it this is just cosmetic?


this looks super cool, and yet... I can't really make out what it does. I feel like you'd gain from perhaps explaining; what it can loop, how it loops it, what the envelope controls, and how they "subtract" from each other.

I must admit I slept on this first time I saw it; I skimmed across and saw "schwarzonator" in my mind, if that makes sense?

I feel the work that went into this warrants a deep dive. I'll see if this can be a part of my live rig now.

I love that this is vanilla max - makes it much more fun to mod for your own needs! Great work, really clean patch as well.

this is great! it's unique BUT still useful. That's a rare combo these days!

I will say though, that - in terms of style - it does look like "Heterodyne Multi Pole.gendsp" was made by an insane person, lol.

I was hoping I might be able to read what you'd done from it, but I'd have to organise everything first.

this is an instant buy for me!!

I wanted to thank you for the drumevolve patch - it's been sitting in my live rig ever since it came out, and I'm happy to report that it's shaken dozens of dance floors already! \m/

Hoping this one makes it into the master effects, too!

Honestly, this is pretty shameless.

It's basically vb.mi.clds~.maxhelp with a new presentation mode...

This is a gorgeous piece of code!

Just what I needed for my current rig, this is great!

If this is based on Volker's code, does that mean that it only runs on a mac?

Might be extremely important to note, at least on the gumroad page, but also here.

I've had a good look at this patch - it's a REALLY elegantly written mechanism! Well done! Especially the input note handling is superb!

Feature suggestion: My favourite part of the Ableton Arpeggiator is the hold function.

If you insert a [sustain] object before the borax, you can achieve this function quite easily, I reckon?

Oh, and it might be useful to have 1 step per sequence, yet the pulse counter has 2 as its set minimum.

again, insane work. I have promptly stolen it all for my own work :)


node.script: Could not locate node.script dependency Collection-EDMrhythms.js

I think you'll need to freeze it.

Collection-chordProgressions.js isn't included in this, sadly, you'll need to freeze it, I think.

This is a great little noise maker!

I would suggest using an exponent for the filter frequency knob. I find something like 3.4 works really well.

thanks for sharing!

hah, that thread takes me back. Can't believe it's been ten years already.

good stuff.

i love the implementation of the remap controls! yoink, instant buy. ty.

this is nice and straightforward! thanks for sharing!

Looks like you're missing "initial enable" on the mix/gate switch, so I'm not getting sound until I switch these back and forth, otherwise it seems to work really smoothly, I think.

well then consider me a customer :)

... I *am* sorry for what I am about to do to your work, heh

hi, i have a quick silly question;

is there a js element to this mfl device? I'd like to buy it and mod it for myself, but my js skills are terrible...



it costs money ;)

This device is so brilliant.

I've used it hundreds of times over the past 5 years.

hey! :) That's great, it seems it's a "loading MfL devices in Max" problem, it runs just fine in Live. Weird, I've never seen that before, I think.

everybody help! Dillon's been swallowed by the the FFT monster again!

Another fantastic build, it would seem.

I get the error "jsui: error calling function paint [attrDips.js]" - a freeze error?

for the curious; the key to pitchshifting this is in the long-stretch.pfft inside the device. 3rd outlet of the [fftin~ 3 nofft] holds the playback bins, and if you, say, multiply those by 2, the pitch is one octave up, etc . So adding a fourth inlet to control this is a good option.

This sounds seriously great, man...

i'm certain this will be useful to some people. Just fyi, you can absolutely loop midi notes in Live without them retriggering.

just set the loop bracket like this:

until an update for rests comes around;

you can do a temp fix by inputting a low-velocity note, and then using a Velocity midi device after it to filter out low velocities.

>and a little code snippet for the visualisation from amazing noises outer spaces effect

to clarify, does this contain copied code from the - commercial - max patch by Amazing Noises?

I generally like the output of this patch. Good job.

My main criticism would be the patch itself. Cleaning up the code would really be a good thing, it's one of the messiest patches I've seen in a long while - including just, unconnected objects just hanging out, lol.

ty for sharing! It's pretty useful.

oh, and the LPG knob probably should be changed, since it fills up the undo buffer.

ah, this is lovely!

I did discover a little bug in there though; you seem to have missed plugging the [stripnote] into the [mtof], so overlapping notes get really wonky ;)

I'll definitely be using this one in my rig! Cheers. Reminds me a bit of the other ace amxd 'Ferine' by Disconnector.

Hello Benoit, nice work!

Do you know if the midi is the same for the Voice Live Touch 1? The midi implementation is here:

I ask, because I can find a Touch 1 cheap locally right now ;)

Hey man, did you see this document?

I'm getting some pretty buggy behavior with this amxd, can't figure out where the problem originates right now. Still, I absolutely adore you digging into this highly underrated synth.

Oh mate! I can't wait to try this out.

This is really phat. Thank you for making it, I can attest to the code being clean and easy to work with, too.

Oh, and it's cool to find danish in max patches, you don't see that a lot on the interwebs.

Nice one! You've got a small bug that affects playability a bit, where note-offs also sends out on [r ---midipitch], I'd suggest stripnoting them so that overlapping notes don't make weird pitch jumps :)

This is one of those "didn't know I needed that, but I totally did!" devices.

Great job, as always.


I have tried it. I have abused it. And I love it. The concept is beyond brilliant, and I think that with a different set of supplemental effects it'd be even more bonkers, but it's already fast becoming a combfilter effect favourite of mine.

well well well, what have we here? That looks like some really novel effectery, can't wait to play with it!

Hi Icarro, as a nerd I'm wondering, is this device user-editable? I love tinkering and adding my own OSC flair to bits, but many devices are heavily obfuscated to stop the user from delving into the software.

Yeah, I'm a bit offline these days, it's all good. Looking forward to using them again, heh!

That list looks oddly familiar :)

Anyway, it's throwing some errors, since the length int is also receiving all the symbols from the coll.

... I love you.

Seems like the loop doesn't really instantiate - maybe stick the loop on/off button somewhere in the UI for us?

Great work, as always btw. I really like picking apart your devices :D

Where's the category for "genius"?

Dillon's at it again...

This is probably my favourite 3rd party mfl device of all time, certainly of the free ones! It's right up there with the Convolution Reverb as a must-have.

I recommend this to everyone getting into MFL. It started me down a whole path of making my own version that suited the needs of our band even more. Our version is - lovingly - called "The Police", hehe.

Thank you so much for sharing, guys. Good stuff.

Hi, great to see the coco get picked up as a reference.

I would suggest that you look into using presentation mode for laying out your patches. The reason why is that it makes the opened patch much more readable, and it makes it possible to lay out the presentation while you're still working on the patch.
Right-click the patch to get the patcher inspector, and then select "open in presentation". I don't know why this isn't the default state, but there you go.

blortblort; the nancarrows delay does this. Alternatively, just search for "midi delay" here...

Sublime work as always! My mouth has been ajar for the last couple of days over this piece!

"DJ Filter" also does this, it's over a year old :) Still, it's nice with the variety!

Being charitable is such a double-edged sword. We get praise, and we get resentment.

You're a great person, B. Don't let the haters get you down. And don't let them get you out of sync. Don't let them phase you. They're ratchet.

Much love,

yeah, it's mainly the adsrs - anyway, something that I feel really helps the playability of the synth a lot. Just something to consider, I guess - trying to give constructive criticism is difficult when the amxd is just so good :D

btw, I've been using Ferine as our main synth in my group for a while along with Aalto :) great fun.

Hey, great work as usual!

I'd like to recommend adding an exponent to a lot of the dials, primarily the time and pitch/frequency related ones. The adsrs in particular are difficult to adjust without it.

>playlist~: couldn't find Macintosh HD:/Users/bitchface/Documents/Work/Cosm/Projects/Exclusive Audio Effect/one.wav

:( I felt so exclusive for a second...

Oh, and it also appears to be filling up the undo buffer in Live. I forget what causes that.

Hey. There's a bit of a bug when using more than one of these devices in a Live set. In particular the sends that trigger the envelopes trigger ALL instances, so you'd need to call them [send ---whatever#0] etc for it to work properly.

I don't know if that needs to happen with the send~ instances too?

Bad download link on your site, tapel.

This is pretty amazing. One of the best synths on here!

you forgot to freeze it. The poly isn't included.

Also, might want to spend a little time cleaning up the patcher... it'll only take like 5 minutes, and it really helps when the patch is human-readable.

hey, I'm wondering why you've renamed the granular parameters? "spray" is a bit more meaningful than "free" to me.

I think this is one of the main reasons it's confusing to people.

>just open the patch. If you can fix this you are hero #2.



Looks fun, though.

Jeklad wrote: "User error as usual! Looks like you have to enable each step in the sequence and then BOOM. magic."

I find myself continuously clicking little buttons to get a euclid-mode thing going.

I would love it if they would default to "on" when generated, so that you could quickly get rhythmic interplay going, without a lot of clicking.

I find it amusing that you're modelling the Metropolis sequencer. Intellijel based it on the RYK sequencer, which the ML-185 is based on - the second-most downloaded device in this entire library :)

these two are just awesome. Thanks for the share, Trash80!

The link to the .zip is right there on the right - it downloads and works just fine... :-/

also; these two are just awesome. Thanks for the share, Trash80!

hi, since it's a uni project, I hope you don't mind a little feedback?

There are multiple issues with this file. First impression is that its bypassed volume is incredibly low - and mono. We lose about 38dB of gain...!

The delays don't have feedback, and the modulating delay doesn't have modulation.

And the reverb doesn't work at all. The wet/dry simply fades to silence.


omg I *hate* the utility device for just that very reason.

Can I hug you over the internet? I mean, this is such a solid piece of patch.

I like using the live.gain~ to do the monitoring, and the patch is clean clean.
...There's a residual live.gain~  in there, though, it seems like we can just remove it.

Any way; thanks :)

Hey there, loving the approach - there seem to be a few issues, though, and I hope you don't mind me reporting them back here?

1) It records stereo, but only one channel goes in
2) The "thru" only takes the left channel, and then passes it to both l+r - it's easily made stereo here, too.
3) the "thru" gain value for gain~ is 110, but unity is 128, giving a significant thru-volume dip
4) All those "size" messages... The tempo is way off, unless you do a tempo like 120 bpm. You could easily fetch the tempo from [transport] and do it right :)


Lovely! Very useful for the stuff I'm working on. Thanks :)

hello Christian, mind if I upload a modded version?


your filter control seems to have some severe problems - when the envelope ends the filter drops all the way down to zero, making a massive thump a lot of times.
And the frequency control doesn't work in real-time, only before a note-on.

The filter cutoff should set a base level, that can be adjusted at will, and the envelope should add to that, and the filter envelope amount should be adjustable.


...seriously, it's really difficult to read capitals like that...

If you shift octave before the note-off this will, from what I can tell, simply leave the note hanging. Using [flush] on octave changes might be advisable...

clever. This should be useful for lots of things, not just modulars.

- already a classic! This is a *must have*, guys. GET IT!

looks like you forgot to include the gen file. It doesn't work.

shockingly musical code right here. Thank you so much for sharing, my uninspired brain is grateful.

This is, hands down, my favourite MaxForLive device. I cannot stress the awesomeness of the sounds you can get from it.

It's simple and hackable, and it can do anything from simple rhythmic deconstruction to these big, static schmears of sound.

Love it!

doesn't seem to come with the freereed external - is it properly frozen?

hi - where is this youtube video? It doesn't show up if I search for plinko.

Also, there are no videos with the search term "monomod" at all. :(

great idea for a device! I'll let you know if I come up with any improvements!

ha, this is good fun.
I recommend uploading a screenshot and a description. Might help people find out about it.

hey this looks fantastic.

I would strongly recommend splitting the LFOs away from the sample glitcher. I think that would also help make the interface more intuitive.

Great work, can't wait to play with this.

thanks for sharing this. I just had a quick go at it... I think I'll be doing the stereo version straight away, since the random panning thing doesn't make a lot of sense ATM - it goes from center to left, not to the right at all.

But it's a GREAT foundation for "that sound" and it definitely has Apparat written all over it ;) Good stuff!

great idea, this.

This is such a musical device! Thanks for sharing this - it's definitely getting the OSC treatment from me and becoming part of the permanent install here.