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Name | Version: 16 Macros 1.0
Author: dric
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: Hello,

This is 16 macros..

For mapped the parameters: push the white small button, a windows float appears, then push map..
select any parameters in live and it's ok!! (for each parameters)

For change the colors of parameters, push the small red button, a windows float appears,
then choice the colors..

The name of parameter is loaded automaticaly, but you can rename as you want..

ps:I 'tried it, but not for long times .. If you have a problem, bug or other please let me know .. thank you


Live Version Used: 8.3
Max Version Used: 6
Date Added: Aug 28 2012 16:54:02
Date Last Updated: Aug 30 2012 04:40:28
Downloads: 2008
License: Attribution
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Device File: 16Macros.amxd


good idea but gives me ultra big cpu peaks, with my late 2011 my macbook pro 8 gb.......

I have just tested, not in real situation.. just for the test whith 2 or 3 fx and instruments..
the problem is the 'remote' object, it is cpu intensive..
Unfortunately I do not think I can do something about it.
Hi I have a ? Can't seem too answer been researching a lot but no luck I have two launchpad pros and I wanna set them both up with macros to control 8 pages 0f 64 sounds on pads for each page so how do I map both launchpad to both play separate pages so I have 16 pages combined I want second launchpad too have a whole other set of 8 drumraxks I can switch from too play both launchpad at same time with different sounds please any help would be great and would you suggest 16 macros and or honeymapper for this thanks again. And really wish someone would make tutorial on multiple controllers with 8 pages each
I see no white button to push for mapping. Can't map unit. Says 16 macros 2 in the image. .amxd says 16 macros

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