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What about "borrowed chords" and key switches?

Link doesn't work. No MFL devoce available as far as I can see, but this page explains something, whatever it is. I hate videos without text so ignoring this one.

This excellent device is now at v2, which you'll find out at the linked site.

I do wish a single instance could handle inheritance of different clips in the same track. I also wish groove settings could apply, but that's Ableton's limited API behind that.

Otherwise this is a very useful tool for when you need what it offers.

The URL seem to have changed to

This looks very interesting indeed. I don't understand what it does from the text, but nevertheless.

A device to follow!

This looks nice. However, as I can already use a second monitor and place the native mixer on that at will, what is the main advantage using this instead? Can it for instance be used on a third monitor instead? So 2 native Live windows could be focused on Arrangement and Clips (rather than the mixer) respectively and the third monitor with Ultimate Mixer focused on the mixer?

Can you launch a plug-in easily now from UM?

This is a working URL for the video:"

I got a "not found" with the supplied URL above.

Actually this is the proper URL:

I get a 404 on the Download URL above.

I don't understand what this device does? Items? attack2? This is what?

I started out in the worst possible way with two five tone chords and first got a tremendous amount of scale suggestions — far more than expected — until I activated held notes at which point I got an empty list.

After some quick email responses with lqud I realized I might need to look at those two chords a little bit closer. Before that I did a simpler test progression to analyze with the ı, iv and v triads. It worked out perfectly both with held notes as well as without.

At closer inspection of my five tone chords I discovered that clearly the first chord was borrowing the third from another scale. I muted this and with held notes I at once got suggestions that served as a base for further explorations.

I unmuted that third and turned off held notes and started to look at how the suggestions might overlap, based on my chosen root notes. I very quickly got some ideas for which 2-3 scales might work the best and activated playback of the each scale and listened back on how it worked with the chords.

From this determined scale I could make some informed chord decisions for how create some suspension that I wanted to resolve into a specific chord of this scale. Very nice!

Totally worth the low fee. I'd like a few new features that I shared with the developer, but this is already very useful to get some quick insights on material.

I mean there's not even a 9.7.2 beta available.
Sad, because otherwise this looks quite interesting. Maybe this just needs to be frozen?

Live 9.7.2 and Max 7.2.4?

This is impossible to add to Live 9.7.1 with Max 7.3.1, which both indeed are the current versions. What is this?

You're much too obscure in your description. Looping can be done in a number of ways and your features do no appear to be unique making the "how" quite important. Please make a more detailed description.

Yes, there's a demo and there's also a limited amount of time. You have any idea how many demos I download and never start up?

OK, I get now that this is supposed to work with the program changes as set in the Notes tab of the Clip.

OK, I think I misunderstood how this is supposed to work. This works for changing the native program change of a clip in the Notes tab. You don't use automation.

I wish the device would reflect the current program change of the clip, but it doesn't.

Now the chain follows the program changes which are set in clip view.
Advantage: You can select all clips and change the chain at once by editing the program number. You can use it also for other parameters."

I don't follow. What program changes? What program number? Do you mean the Chain Selector value? For this device I see only "Device on". The Chain selector only changes the current clip, not others.

My apologies if this is supposed to be obvious. It's not for me.

This looks really cool! I'll try it in the studio when I get the chance.

Controls for the Push sounds promising, but it would be wonderful if you could also work on steps directly in the Push pad layout.

Unfortunately this doesn't work for me more than once in Live 9.7.1b4 32bit. I tried it with Reaktor 5.9.4 and Monark.

If I switch to a non program change preset it does change to the program change in one clip (2) one time, but it does not change to the other program change (3) in another clip. Furthermore the few times it does succeed after the first single time it works the Re-enable automation button is turned pink, which means automation is overridden.

If I'm not mistaken this is a sign that the device uses deprecated objects. At least that is what Ableton support have said about other devices that display this problem.

I feel unsure how bank selection is supposed to work, but these presets are in the same bank (6).

I'll try this device in Live 9.7 64bit.

Cool, but couldn't this be refitted to control anything. The some of the Tilt EQs for instance? :-)

See for instance

Yeah, at first I thought this was about building raw waveforms for Operator and Sampler.

This looks very neat. Totally undersold. As I understand this it's a free form envelope builder that can be mapped to any other parameter of another automatable instrument. Somewhat similar to the LFO tool in concept but different possibilities. Price is $3.95.

What I lack is info about presets, building a library and performance recording and converting as well as third party hardware control. All big selling points.

Judging from the demo sounds this sounds more interesting than Operator to me. I have to try this one even though all MFL synths have let me down so far, including the offerings from Ableton that all are thin and digital in the wrong way as I hear them.

OK, so you seem to have forgotten to update your links.

I found this newer one:

Hyakken, your blog and the download link is down. Are you still developing this?

The link is and look further down the page. I'm not sure why it hasn't been updated here.

I can't get this to work in Live 9.2.2 and Max 6.1.10.