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On maxforlive.com users contribute to an online library of free Max for Live Devices that you can use for no charge by sharing .amxd files or links (known as "references" on maxforlive.com) to download or purchase them elsewhere.

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Jan 16

automatet mouseclick automatet mouseclick does mouseclick(s) (randomly) on any part of your screen (without java!). Most... (read more)

Jan 11

Smokin Rasta Meter Just a bit of visual fun for your master track, push the gain and watch the Camberwell Carrot light ... (read more)

Jan 09

volcaBeatsCommander Full control of all the allowed parameters of a KORG Volcabeats. Layout considers the face layout of... (read more)

Jan 08

Pitchbend Sequencer A simple sequencer for pitchbend data, Other incoming pitchbend messages are ignored. In auto mode t... (read more)

Jan 08

DLS Helper D DLS_Helper_D is a utility designed to help the auditioning of drum sounds in .sf2 Soundfonts when us... (read more)

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