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Hi, looks like a handy plugin. I watched the video but i couldn't make out, do the Bass, Tops, etc presets all have a different LUFS target?

This device can't be downloaded. The page doesn't accept any input and so no download link is generated. Tried in Win 10 IExplorer, in OSX Safari and Chrome.

Thanks for this device. Works well as advertized. Is there a limit to how much it can record? (Apart from hd/ssd size)

Hi zaslon, it works as advertised. Great plugin. Thanks!
A wish for the next version, to be able to map multiple devices and multiple curves, in 1 instance of Automation Curve.

This is exactly what i need. Will test it out! Do you know if it saves settings in a Rack? All similar m4l devices i've tried so far don't save settings in racks.

Thanks for the device and your reply.

I understand, a spectral gate. Like a Denoiser which takes a (selected) area as noiseprint and then removes that from the signal.

Is it possible to reduce the tjirping left in the signal? Maybe with a higher amount of bins?

Is the left & right delay automatable? And is it clickfree when automated? If that's even possible.

So it's a gate?

No video demo on youtube either.

Great device, i followed your instructions but after opening the plugin as .adv it still won't let me map more than 1 control.
Live 9 64

Dude this. So much this.
Cheers Tom!

Hi Cvolm, yes you are absolutely right. Personally i would not use it live!
Like you said, i have quantized midi chords in my project, and i would like to insert NYLON Chord Generator to use the stroking effect.

If it is not too much trouble for you i would love to use that function!

I'm sorry to say this device has the same "bug" Tom. When i make an audio effect rack with this device, save it, and load it up again, it doesn't reload the curves.

Can you perhaps look into it? I hope so :)

Thanks Tom. I've been waiting for this device for a long time.
Mapulator had a "bug" that it wouldn't recall binds and settings in a group, so it was useless for live setups. I contacted the dev many times, offered money for updates or fixes but sadly he never did.

Can't wait to try it! Does this version work in Live 8?
Thanks again.

Thanks for the free device. It works fine but it fills up the Undo history. Can you fix this? Right now working in a project with this device means i can't use Undo.

Great device.
Like a previous poster i would like to send in my own chords and then have the device emulate keystrokes with that. Can you add such a function?

Can you please add a knob that travels the entire wave manually?

Smart device! Gonna try this out.

If i could ask one thing, can this be a toggle? So i press this once and Browser / detals close, press it again and it reinstates how the screen looked before.

Awesome!! Nice idea :)

Looks nice! Can you add Swing?

What a nice device! Awesome really.
I've thought about something like this, sort of step-sequencing chords with some randomness, helpful for inspiration. Never found anything i liked. Until now. :)

Agreed. A simple device that allows you to make your own envelop for anything. So i can make custom curves for effects i control with a controller.

There are some devices that do this. Like Mapulator, but it doesn't save / reload settings with a project so it is practically unusable.

Hi tomme, it appears i'm a fan of all your devices!

Well i'm going to buy both Dedelay and GoBack. I hope you can find some time to make an Offset for GoBack. When i play live and use it on a i.e. House track, i would like to be able to keep the beat "feel" 4/4 if you know what i mean.

Thanks again for your devices.

Indeed very nice design. Like i asked on the youtube channel, i'd like to know if all the buttons and functions are mappable on a controller?

My preferred way to pay would also be paypal.

Looks good! Can you add an Offset button, so that you can tweak the synced buffer playback to stay on the beat?

Dude what?

Cool device. This can be very handy.

"- You can choose between "free" and "quantized". "Free" will work as it does now, i.e. you set the time, start is immediate, transition interval is proportional to the actual delta between current value and max value. "Quantized" will always start the transition at the next bar (or should that be configurable as well?) and you can choose how long (in beats/bars) the transition between current value and max value will be.

Would that be ok?"

Yes! That would be massively helpful for live performance. Then you can pre-program transitions and be 100% spot on with quantization.

Is it possible to quantize / sync the start?
I mean can i use this for transitions when performing, when one clip is ending and i'm starting a new clip, running quantized?

I'd like to use your device to automate a bunch of fx, for like 2 bar's length, that can help during transitions.


Nice device. Can i also use this to design my own curve and then bind that range to a knob? For live use.

I.e. A reverb dry/wet knob that has a long range of small increments 0-20 and then a short range of fast increment from 21-100?

Cool device!
I want to use this when i'm dj-ing. At the moment i'm using this in Live 8. I'm having trouble that the pads are never quantized when i play them from a controller.
I thought the input triggers are quantized, or am i wrong?


Thanks for replying. Yes it works fine in 8. Sorry :)

Would it be hard to make this work for Live 8 m4l ?

asylumsp, my question again, can this work in Live 8?

This looks great. Though, would it be possible to 'compile' this for Live 8 Max version?

I dont think the author is doing anything to this plugin anymore. I asked for help a few posts up, over a year ago..

Can you please make this available for Live 8 aswell?

Wow both your devices are amazingly cool. Nice GUI too.

Can you add the repeat button and the mod capability too??

See an example here:


This effect doesn't remember it's settings when saved in a set.
When i open the project the Woop gui shows the exact settings i selected but the effect plays as if it's loaded with initial values.

I.e. save a project with Woop in reverse mode. Save the project and load the project, now Woop plays forward even when the settings show reverse.

A way to zoom in and make precise adjustments would be very welcome. I'm using modulator to make a custom EQ curve, in slider mode, but it's impossible to make the line/curve follow exact values.
I.e. bound to Gain i can't draw 0dB, it's always a little bit under or over 0dB.

I see. Thanks for explaining it.
Cheers :)

So it's a Gate?

Can you post a tutorial on youtube please? strange enough i can't get this to work in Live !?? No matter what i try there is no audio output.