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Automation Delay by zaSLON Version 0.1
Tempo Slide Version 1.2
Multi-band Sender Version 1.0
Note Skipper Version 1.1
Multi-band Sender Version 2.1
Note Holder Version 1.0
Note Panner Version 1.0
Oscillo Graph Version 1.0
Spectro Graph Version 1.0
Phase Graph Version 1.0
Clip Trigger Version 0.3

Total Downloads: 2,769

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Hey @akninganng, I hear you. It seems that many people do not like this approach, but not everyone writes about that. Thank you very much for your comment, it seems that Gumroad is a great solution.

Hey @BG23! That's strange. I have no issues with this device. Please, write your OS and Ableton Live Version. Thanks.

@M4L, @akninganng - the same as with Spectro Graph.

@akninganng yea, you are right, man, that's the stupid decision. @M4L I will attach an amxd file. Thank you, guys.