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Slick website but I'm still not quite sure what this actually does! The copy is highly abstract and technical that I imagine a lot of viewers are left with no idea of how this device can be used in our music. Maybe i didn't spend enough time trying to wrap my head around it, but these days if I don't get a product's function within a minute or two I tend to move on to the next thing. The sound examples Youtube video were somewhat interesting but I think what's needed is a detailed, narrated tutorial on this device. Especially considering the steep price you're asking. Keep in mind you're marketing this to musicians and not astrophysicists with lab coats and pocket protectors! I hope you can use this constructive criticism to make your pitch and presentation more effective. Interested to see how this develops.

Hello Blip,

If you have mapped an external controller to the xy, it will record the xy movement as automation data. Using the mouse won't record any automation at the moment, but I can change it to do so in a future update.

Another way of recording the performance is to place Uzi on its own channel, then route that channel's MIDI output into your drum channel. If you record-enable your drum channel and start recording, Uzi's MIDI output will be printed onto your drum channel (even when using the mouse). You can then tweak and edit the part as needed.

Thanks for the feedback and let me know if there are any other features you think of that could be useful to your workflow.

Very nice device, great work! If I may suggest a useful feature - it would be great for the user to be able to control octave "width" as well so that notes can be triggered in +1, +2 etc octaves based on user setting. Just made this mod to mine.

Some major problems with Max 1.5.8 and Live 8.2.6.... got as far as recording an audio clip, then hit the button underneath RECORD and it froze Live. Don't think I'll be trying again atm.. Either incompatibility with my system or there's a bug here.

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