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Hey, this thing is great, but I noticed a bug.

When I record the MIDI into a new track to save the sequence, it doesn't bring along the Param01-Param05 sequence data -- only pitch/octave/velocity data. The Param Sequencing is probably the most powerful feature of this, so this seems like an odd omission.

Other things that IMO would be great additions:
-Ability to lock a step to exclude it from randomization
-Ability to sequence Note Length(Gate time)
-Ability to set a randomization range for pitch/oct/vel
-For certain params, when using the up/down arrow buttons to move the sequenced values up and down, it would be cool if you could toggle the "wrapping" effect off, so that for example if you moved the velocity arrow up, once a note hit 127 it stayed there as you continued moving the rest of the notes up, sort of "squeezing" things into a closer range.

I love this sequencer! My first time using it I came up with some really awesome stuff!

But I second the request to have the ability to "rotate" patterns so that they start on a different step. I assumed that's what shift did but I guess that's something else. What does shift do then?

Does this work for the Virus A too?