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Commenting to backtrack

This is great. Would love it if there was a check box for randomizing the values when you play a note (ie live randomization)

Make a PRO version for infinite moneys


Thanks in advance, might use this... Will be interesting to test it vs Native Instruments transient master plugin :)

Probably the most useful tool on the site. I was looking to make this myself or facilitate its creation, but came across it now :)

Great device, really. But I am missing the possibility to map the parameters inside live for automation. Can you please add this basic feature? I am using it in real time so it would be nice to be able to modulate the sound on the go.

This effect is amazing... I played around with it for two minutes before I fell in love :D

Thank you!

Seems cool, I´ll give it a try!

The Sky was pink, and it shall be once more.

Thanks really! pm me your paypal I will make a donation.