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I have to enter my credit card details to download it ? Come on man, upload it here !

it works, thanks !

Ok thanks.

I need to use live 64 and I don't know how the bridge works unfortunately, so I will stick on my Obieditor. Maybe someday an interface will pop-up on ctrlr.

Max and live : Latest versions
I use 64bit version yes.
Error message : Yes

Midi in / out appear in 32bit

Yes OS X. Deleted and added. v1.3

Nope, there is just a list of gear I don't own :

My sound card is a Roland Studio Capture

Hey man, thanks for that module.

I would like to use it and need your lights.

My matrix 1000 is set up in live, I use at the same time obieditor to tweak it, so everything is wired. With your max for live module only volume and and leveler's work. I don't understand how to set it up as I have no fireface but an other sound card.

What should I select for midi in and out ?

Thanks for your help

Very useful, thanks for it.

Is it possible to add the "Fine Tune" knob ? I would like to modulate it with a LFO module from M4L, to create a worn tape effect.

It would be better than modulating the pitch with the triangle wave, which is too "clean" to create this kind of effect.

Thank you !

Simple, excellent. Thank you.

One thing about velocity/duration parameter. Would be cool if when I change values every notes change from their own values, and not every values are suddenly the same when increasing / decreasing this parameter.


Thanks for the effort. I'm testing it.

First time I've changed the preset I had a crash. But second run is ok.

Could you add an "Hold" button like on the classic Ableton Arpegiator ? It's very useful when playing live.

Download link works here :


Download link = error 404

Ok it's still not working. The only sound I got is when I turn the pitch. And the only way to stop it is to mute the track or press pause at the sequencer parameter. Whatever I launch or not iannix, it doesn't have any affect on ableton.

Hi Sunfalls,

Yes I've turned up velocity now (I thought it was the colored stripes) and I got sound but only when I move the pitch. Nothing happen from iannix.

And there is no (tempo-)synch between Live / M4L and Iannix.

When you say "it should just connect via osc". Do I need to get an "osc" somewhere to run it ? Or is it already include in M4L / iannix-patch ?

I will retry tomorrow cause it's quite late now...



Seems to be very cool !

But it doesn't work for me. I've followed all the instructions, and I don't even get midi pulse into ableton.

My iannix midi ports are all open in the preference.

I use an iMac OSX 10.6.

Any ideas ?