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My apologies!! That map button is the source of many woes, indeed. Thank you for your feedback and kind words, hopefully I will be pushing out a fix for it soon!

Yikes! Thanks for letting me know - I'm on it.

@jasonmalcolmgibbins Thanks for your kind words!

1. To remove nodes, you must hold shift while clicking on whichever node you wish to remove. To curve lines, hold alt while adjusting the line segment you wish to curve. I'd love to make it behave just like Live but I'm not sure if that's possible with Max's native objects. Something for me to look into.

2. Yes, re-working that entire Map implementation is in the works. More complicated than I thought it would be; I'm still a bit of a noob with M4L.

3. To invert the range, simply switch the values you have assigned under the Map button. To invert the domain, use the Reverse button. Offset is definitely a feature I need to add.

4. This device was actually inspired by Massive's curve performer! Something like what you described is definitely in the pipeline, but a bit down the road.

Thanks again!

Thank you for all the feedback!

@EJWycoff - Yes. Plans for a pop-out and resizable envelope shape window are in the works. Is that what you were asking?

@dna598 - I'm currently working on implementing a MIDI-sustained loop mode. For now, you can get around that by automating the trigger button.

Thanks! I should mention that this is my first Max for Live device, so please let me know if anyone finds any glaring programming malpractices or anything else really!

Feature requests are 100% welcome, as are bug reports.