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A KnobTwiddler 04 Version 1.0
Many-Sample Version 1.2
Many-Rample Version 1.4
SynPlantSeed Version 1.0
MidiStutterer Version 1.1
RandoMotor Version 1.0
MorphKnobs Version 1.2
D1 Proc11 Version 1.5
Map Env Version 1.0
Sequenced Bit Version 1.0
Sequenced Filter Version 1.0
BPMer Version 1.2
BrainHz Version 1.0
Time Signature Sequencer Version 1.1
Markov Controllers Version 1.1
Grain Convolvor Version 1.1
Chord Control Center Version 1.2
Progenerator Version 1.0
Proletarian Version 1.1
Mini-Stretcher Version 1.0
Grainery Version 1.3
My Snare Version 1.1
Knob Twiddler Version .999
Transmutor Version 1.0
Mini-Sample Version 1.2
Shaper Filter Version 1.1
Green Kick Version 1.0
Mini-Terrain Version 1.0
EQ2 Version 1.2
NoiseMaker Version 1.1
Noise Cut Version 1.1
Mini-Grain Version 1.2
FM Convolvor Version 1.1
MyXFM Version 1.0
a phase vocoder Version 1.1
IntroVerseChorusOutro Version 1.0
MySlicer Version 1.1

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Hi, I wasn't really planning on expanding the functionality, but I guess it could be interesting to have a midi out for other drum racks.

The easy way would be to have an export midi clip button (using Retake), similar to my Proletarian and Progenerator sequencers. But it wouldn't be a direct midi out. That would require a second device on the same track to capture the midi and pass it on to ableton.

I'm not sure which way is better, but its going to be a while either way.


I went ahead and added a sample dropbox on the inline interface, right below the "Close" button.

That should take care of it.

Thank you!

I don't know much about macs, but it should be a setting in ableton preferences:


Set "Auto-Hide Plug-in Windows" to Off.

Your welcome. I'm glad you like it.

Thank you! I'm glad you like it.

Its been a long time since I've dived into this one. I'm pretty sure the "0.24"'s are because I had difficulty getting the Current Value of the mapped parameter, so I set the knobs to 24% of their max value to be safe. Otherwise, they would randomly go to the max or min value when mapped.

I've had many problems when changing the attributes (max, min and current value) of a knob. For example, when any attribute is changed, the knob can no longer be automated correctly in Ableton. Ableton only remembers the original value of the knob. Nevertheless, I like this version better than the previous one.

I've never had that happen. But, I've noticed a lot of strange little quirks since live 10.1.0. For example, all of my dials used to be ultra smooth so that you could exactly dial into .001-.03 land and get even smoother by using the shift key. Doesn't work anymore, at least it doesn't on 10.1.6

Thank you, I'm glad you like it.

Share and enjoy!

Hi, Sorry it took so long to see this. I have no idea how to get notifications on new comments.

I actually haven't used this one in a while, I prefer my Many-Rample. But I never had any problems using more than one of them at a time. As long as all of the send receives have triple dashes "---" everything should be fine when using multiple devices.

Keep in mind that like 90% of this device is based off of Live10's DS-Sample

Thank You!

My current dreams involve a wave terrain synthesizer (not using 2d.wave) with assignable/generative landscapes and really controllable, multi-parameter trajectories.

I've got some of it working with a landscape and controllable trajectories, but switching landscapes causes problems with the trajectories, I think.

I'm pretty sure that I also have a better (earlier and better) version of my knob twiddler coming out soon.

Thanks, I'm glad you like it.

Thanks, I'm glad you like it.

Cool! I'm Glad you liked it.

I can't tell if this is many-RAMple or Many-Sample.

Many-RAMple: 20MB Folder gets loaded into RAM, All samples in RAM.

Many-Sample: 20 MB Folder gets pointed at, 1 sample (100kb) gets loaded to RAM.

Cool! I'm glad you liked it.

I've been thinking on it. My Mini-Stretcher

is poly. I'm working on another stretcher that is poly.

Thank You! Some people complain, but I'd rather not skip from 0.01 to 0.02. There is a lot of Karaziness in those Spaces Between.

Holy Crap!!!

I hope all of this works.

Is this going to explode my computer?

I guess I'll find out.

Happy Death to Us All

Thank you! Don't forget to try out the FM Convolvor also. It can get pretty strange as well. It might be pretty weird to have one following the other.

looks like you forgot to freeze it. I get a "no patcher pitchWarp" error.

I'm pretty interested in this. I've heard it might be a good way to spectrally morph from one sample to another.

Thank you, I'm glad you like it. I'll give that a try. I've mostly been using it to breathe new life into my boring old hardware synths. It definitely encourages a bit of experimentation.

Thanks! Very handy.

I prefer these to the vsts and "official" editors because those always seem to gobble up too much cpu with all of the back and forth Sysex, when they are really only sending cc's.

Plus, with vsts, you have to hit "Configure" first, and then you can automate. Its a pain, especially since you have to do it every time and you can't re-order them once you have "Configured" them.

I found it beneficial to disable all of the autopattr and save stuff, it never seems to work right for me. Also, for me, the [prgmout a] should be enabled and changed to a [prgmout].

I think all of the "tik tok tuk" sends should probably have a "---" in front them. That way, I can have one of these on one track for "Synth 1" and another one of these on another track for "synth 2".

Thanks again.

Hi Zeep, You can definitely change the number of frequency bins. Currently, there are 1024 of them, but you can change it to any power of 2. The next highest would be 2048.

Also, with a regular gate, when the signal is above the threshold everything gets passed through, including the noise. With this, the noise is removed even when you are playing your synth.

Well, it would be more accurate to call it a spectral gate. A regular gate cuts out everything below a set threshold.

Technically, this takes the Fourier transform of the input signal which splits it up into 1,024 frequency bins. Those frequency bins that are smaller than the threshold are zeroed out and the result is then resynthesized using the inverse Fourier transform.

So, only the frequencies that are below the threshold are removed, instead of everything.

Thank you. I'm glad you like it.

If you hold the CTRL key down while mousing, it will go faster. The problem is that I want it to be "fine grained" so that I can hit all (most) of the values.

The only other way I know to make it faster is to change the number of "Steps" on the dials (in the Inspector) to a smaller amount. But then it skips a lot of values, for example going from 303hz to 307hz with no intermediate values.

Hey, Yo. this update remembers the loaded Folder and Sample#. It was trickier than I thought

Yeah, its pretty strange. Normally, the Sample# live.dial should remember its position, but for some reason, if you change the Min/Max of the dial (using the _parameter_range 1 $1 msg), it resets everything, and this happens whenever a folder is loaded up, including when the device is reloaded after reloading the Live Set.

A solution involves the same tech as before. Essentially you copy the

[set $1]->[textedit]->[unjoin]

and wrap it around the Sample# live.dial: Take the left output of the live.dial and connect it to the left input of the [set $1] and take the middle output of the [unjoin] and connect it to the input of the live.dial. Don't forget to have the [live.device]->[bang]->[textedit] in there as well.

I'll get it posted eventually, but it may be awhile.

Max really is pretty crazy stuff. I couldn't find any Noch sampler, but you should probably stay away from the crazy stuff in that drumfoldr, its all a really big mess. my version is way simpler.

I'm totally against the whole "Open Folder" Dialog thing. it is such a painful way to do things. I think, that in order to get it to remember where it was, you have to have some crazy max scripting... I used to have some simple examples of scripting, but I've lost them. Ableton Expert used to have some good examples also, but I think they shutdown.

The best place to share code is on the cycling '74 forums. Its usually best to post small examples of the problem code instead of a big giant mess of stuff. I've researched all of the ways of dropping folders and I think I have the best way.

Thats pretty strange. I have it working on multiple Live 10 pc's with no problems. It even works in Live 9. Maybe its a Mac thing? Are there any hints in the Max Window?

Anybody else with issues?

What a crazy thing.

Strangely, it only required 3 or so objects including the [textedit] object. The code under the hood is in the upper right

Yo! The Many-Rampler now remembers its Folder when reloading the Live set. If the waveform isn't showing in the window, just jiggle the Sample# knob a little bit.

I guess my next goal should be to update this device and my Mini-terrain and Mini-stretcher with these enhancements.

Thank you, I'm glad you like it. Make sure to check out my Many Rample. It creates a RAM buffer for each file in the folder and has an auto randomize function. Because everything is in ram, you can switch between sounds very quickly, without waiting for the files to be loaded from disk.

I tried out the Drumfldr and tried to pick apart the path saving, but it was a pretty nasty ratsnest involving both coll and dict objects. I'm still working on a work around. I was hoping it would also allow you to drop folders from the Live Browser, but no luck. There has got to be an easier way, but I don't think so.

This one loads all of the samples into RAM

Check out my new Many-Sample :

You can drop folders of samples onto it.

I'm sure its possible, but everything is tricky in Max/Live. There are so many ways to do things correctly in Max, but there are a lot more ways to do things incorrectly. For example, with many of the methods I've tried, I usually run into problems with the sample list not being saved when you reload the live set or there can be problems with the associated envelopes for each sample and a whole host of unexpected details that occur with each method.

Nevertheless, I will try because it does sound useful, but don't hold your breath.

Awesome to the Max

Crazy stuff. I wish there was better documentation on this crazy thing. I've compiled a bunch of it, but ... With a lot of it, there aren't any units on the parameters. x/y phase isn't in any documentation anywhere.

Thank you! Let me know if there are any bugs or things that need improving or extra needed features.

Strange. I don't know anything about macs, you might have some files missing in your Live10 installation. I went ahead and uploaded a frozen version that should work better.

I haven't had any problems on 3 different machines, using live10.

But you do need to make sure that you are sending midi from notes B-1 through G2. I don't think it responds to midi outside of that range.

Also, yes you might need to hold the CTRL-key down while turning the knobs. I like having 2 decimal places of accuracy on the dials.

Thanks, I'm glad you like it. The new, built in devices are great, but sometimes they do things that don't quite make sense.

Thank you, I'm glad you like it. It is a bit tricky to describe. I think of the Nodes as "Complexity". I like medium complexity, with the nodes around 9-14.

Thank you, I'm glad you like them. Let me know if you have any suggestions for them.

Also, keep in mind that the knobs take on the values of whatever they are mapped to. If you map the envelope to something that goes between 0 and 100, then the Minimum and Range knobs will take on those values. The parameters on many Ableton devices only go from 0.0 to 1.0.

Its very strange that you can't see the labels on the knobs. They are standard live.dial devices. I can see them on three different computers using various versions of Live/Max.

Hi, Sorry it took so long to get back to you, I've been moving out of state.

The knobs are pretty fine grained, try using the CTRL key when turning them. They are used to control the Minimum and Range/Max of the envelope.

Hi, I've tried it on two different computers. It is a bit too Hi res, but it works. Try using the CTRL button when you turn it.

Hi Folks, my apologies to the first 90 or so people to get this. I forgot to freeze it, so it was missing a crucial piece. Its all good now.

Oh My God!. I'm so sorry, I forgot to freeze it. It should be fine now.

Thank you. Glad you like them

Hah!. Indeed. Not to mention the audience. If you really want to fuck everyone up, throw in my Time Signature Sequencer as well.

Cool, it would be great if you could post it. I've been thinking of ways that might make it more useful (without needing to do the crazy configuration setup) but I would want one without the Java.

Let me know

Awesome video. I'm glad you like it. I tried that Xanadu device many times long ago (and more recently) but could never get it to work. I looked under the hood and it was very confusing. It uses the vst~ device and then tries to load the Synplant as a vst into the max patch. But even then, I couldn't see how the gene values were transmitted to the Synplant. Also, it uses Java, yuck.

Thank you, I'm glad you like it.

Awesome, glad to hear it.

Thats pretty strange. I've tried it on all three of my PC's with no problems. It only uses standard objects, including pcontrol. Maybe you are using an older version of Max? Does the Max Window provide any details (In Live, right click on the title bar-> "open max window")? Do you have the same issue with my Sequenced Filter?

Anybody else with issues?

Hi, Can you be more specific? Most everything does what it says on the tin.

Thank You!!!

Thank you!!! I'm glad you like it. I've wanted something like this for years but have only recently acquired the wherewithal to figure something out. Back in 2008, they promised to make the dna automatable, but it hasn't happened. I gave up hope years ago.