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Looks interesting!

I get extremes in pitch - can you explain more what the two transpose options do?

It also seems to have a lot of 'dead spots' in the parameters, where it makes a few notes and then stops. Can you offer some suggestions on how best to use it?

Thanks for looking into it! I tried version 2.1.4 but still have the same problem :/

I'm on Max 8 on Windows. The top section seems to work, but not the bottom. I get the error: "newobj: +bubbler~: No such object"

Needs an update. Stuck notes, expanders don't seem to work.

Mapping the Honey Mapper to a VST parameter works fine, but how do I map the Honey Mapper to a rack macro?

Great device!

Small bug report: macro knob names can be changed, but this doesn't show up on the Push 2 display. They stay as 'MACROA1' etc.

I really want this to work :) I'm also on Windows and copied the support library as above. But nothing seems to happen, nor do I see any indications as to why it doesn't work. The audio simply doesn't get affected.