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Waldorf Kyra Controller Version 0.5

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Thanks, BigFknRobots! I appreciate the feedback and I'm glad to hear you're finding it helpful, especially as a learning tool. I put a bunch of time into making it logical and writing up that documentation partially so that Future Me won't hate me, and partially so that folks like you can figure out how the hell it works and build other cool stuff. Good luck with your AFX Station project! :)

UPDATED: now supports pulling the current patch from Kyra!

Thanks! I have personally noticed an issue during repeated start / stop of the Live transport where this device appears to cause stuck notes on Kyra - thankfully Kyra seems to interpret MMC Stop commands to imply "all notes off" as well. I haven't noticed this problem during playback / bounce to disk, but if anyone experiences this problem during normal playback or recording, please let me know and I'll prioritize tracking it down. For my own use, having this device either load the patch or respond appropriately to patch dump from Kyra is far more important than stuck notes during repeated transport stop / start events. I'll go after that issue too, to be clear, just as a lower priority unless it's impacting folks' workflow.