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As of Ableton Live 11 this device doesn't work properly anymore, it needs updating.
And it would be really great if it gets that update!

Is Architect 2.0 still in the works?

I really missed something like a flexible/custom envelope meta device which can be mapped to any parameters in Live.

ultimately I'd love if this device would be capable of doing some more things?

- Sustain Loop
- Envelope Loop
- Multiple Note-Input handling.
-> when new note is played, what should be done?
- continue envelope?
- retrigger envelope?
- continue envelope AND start new envelope and maybe mix the results?

The perfect flexible envelope (imo) can be found in Trackers like Renoise or even back in Impulse Tracker ages ago, it simply had everything one could think of: envelope loop, sustain loop, unlimited envelope points and drawing multiple note handling (Fade off, Continue, Cut, etc.). I made a short video clip to illustrate:

wouldn't it be great to have this as meta device for live to control any parameter based on midi note events? with sustain and envelope loops?