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CC Hijack Version 1.2
Pause Button Version 1.1
TAZ - Speech Synthesis for Ableton Live Version 1.6.002

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Hey Sorry I missed this message, Robert. It's good to go in 9.5. I haven't tested it in Live 9, though. I'm not sure of any reason it wouldn't work there but let me know if you have a problem if you do test it out.

Sorry, BlortBlort! I'd love to port this to Windows. I need to get my hands on a Win machine and figure out the Windows text-to-speech hooks.

Thanks for the feedback, Broah. The device is free at the moment, but I don't know that it always will be. As long as it remains free, users can bypass that form field on the site. Self-hosting also allows me to update users via email if I make significant updates in the future.