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it would be nice to have some more access. can you make these midimapable: sort, circle ,expand, rotate, spread, shake. ?? that would be great fun :)!


wow, that was quick!

thanx a lot again!!!!


thanx a lot for great awesome device!!!
i got one problem:
when changing time signature on one instance of wob fx it is changed on other instances on other tracks too.


gotta map key range to tiny preset dropdown.
works perfect now with midi fighter :-)

Lovin' it.
But how do i map microloops to controller?
Midimap in ableton doesnt let me do it. Just some parameters but not the little white dots of 'saved loops'...?

great work soundflower! as a max newbee, after 4 hours of getting to know m4l i was able to set up the monomeemu nicely with lots of monome patches. i noticed that working with max devices i often need various midichannels in live. so here is my dumb question: i have a live set with 16channels(8audio+8midiinstruments). can i map 16 monome patches to those channels withinn the novation launchpad? e.q. 8xmlr on user1 and 8x7up on user2?