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Drumrack Pad Midi Muter Version 0.99

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stack overflow error popping up occasionally. Didnt catch it before

no you misunderstood. Im saying instead of probability percentage, replace it completely with musical timings

actually im mistaken sorry.
was thinking its just a reskin of this one

this also took someone elses device

very well made however i wish instead of probability percentages we could finally move onto more musical timings like once every 4 bars or every other note or something.

very cool idea and fun tool!

really good!

sorry to spam but maybe its interesting and a funky gotcha -

Push standalone lets you work on a liveset with loaded in devices, but upon saving the set it will collect all and save and this causes Sting to get reinitialized and regenerate the notes. So better record those midi notes, or first add Sting, then save, and then jam.
or youll lose your line after the first save

after the project director and .als is created and sting is copied over to the folder tho, everything saves as expected and doesnt get reset either.

still hoping to figure out what to do about clip generation

well easier said than done. Dont know why the save caused a set reload. I guess P3 was getting ready to crash that time.
As for the missing generate button - I ended up embedding the happy face button patch and freezing, maybe was an issue on my end but that worked.
the clip saving, whew that seems unsupported or needs to be done in some other way on p3 standalone.

just tried it as is and after saving the set on push3, the sting sequence got reset, so need to debug whats happening. Maybe remove generation of sequence on device load, maybe p3 reloads the whole set after saving? and add generate button and save sequence to clip.

tried it on Push 3 - is it me or is there no button to generate a new sequence?
also would be great to have the button to create a clip exposed. Super handy.

would be cool to have a toggle to remove User Wavetable from the randomization category, but looking forward to your new devices too

excellent thank you! this is the longest time ive ever used a wave table device now

if you place it before having a wavetable instrument in your track then it doesnt seem to work - maybe if it never finds a wavetable device, have it look for one anytime you click the randomize buttons, that way it will always find the wavetable instrument and you dont have to do it in order.


seems like the route int will prevent a bang to the rest of the device and to propogate the id for your push (at least on live 11 with push2) - since usually your device id is 0 but thats not an int. Just edit the device and fix that up and its all good

wait i lie - it WORKS - you just need to setup the routing to the channel where your return is. For some reason i thought it would be automatic

doesnt seem to work. tried in live 11.

its very good.
no gonio issues here

this is really good. I'd love to add haas or simple stereowidth and also panning as one of the effect selections

seems the channel strip detection for input is broken in live 11. It displays the channels from what i assume is your own setup

woah this is wild. makes stuff sound like those underwater microphones recording hitting an ice covered lake

this is so good!

really good. Great lesson on how to do this type of thing and possibly improve on it (i think its a bit slow and using something like [what~] and some envelopes seems to be much faster)

it just advances the clock according to the pattern. its not a reset

also would be cool to have maybe a pro version or something where you add more of the hardware M185 stage gate mode styles to the device - like the dotted and etc

great stuff

also - i say this to almost everyone who creates one of these 185/metropolis sequencers - it is very helpful to have the total number of steps for the sequence length to be calculated and displayed on the panel - so you can easily create loops and not get confused why stuff is out of sync

seems to jump for me even after replacing the device. Manually crossfading works well but the automated switch seems to trigger the variation switch quicker than the parameter fade so doesn't really work well. Maybe it is an easy fix, or there is no need to actually switch the variation inside the rack we are automating since Manual mode doesnt do it...


great sound

really good!

i havent had issues - is it because your note/range isnt correctly selected?
That's the only thing that bugs me is that i have to manually set the note to match the incoming one. It should be a learn function or just a range. Unless it is and i am using it wrong

very good stuff

not sure if bug but clicking somewhere in the middle on the right side of the button seems to latch it. At some point, unsticking the button didn't change the 0 velocity notes coming through and i checked the clip = all of the notes were enabled with velocity. Is this a destructive effect that applies velocity to the clip? I am surprised its not just a midi effect/converter... I think id rather throw that together for my own live sets now so thanks for the inspiration hehe

so simple and brilliant

imo more plugs and sequencers should use stuff like this for functionality triggers/resets.

cough cough like STING for pattern restart - maybe sending low low C-2 to it or a 0 velocity note or something

nice and quick kick maker. Nice template to add more features to

really great stuff - only thing i found is that moving the device to another track will continue to generate clips on the first track it was placed on.

thanks for taking my work!

@Royalston all good here in 11.2.5

pretty sweet. Would be good to get some visual feedback going on the push.

The Random switches can be made to be fake momentary switches for the push2 knobs - you just have to to a flip flop and set the state of the button.

this is great! also thanks for making these push2 control devices, great to learn from!
btw i bet @verdurin forgot to press ACTIVE to take over the push2 matrix

its cool but it keeps sounding like autechre to me

insanely good

that being said, with quantization it seems perfect

Really nice - maybe its my setup or the previously reported thing - if you sequence with legato on, and with no quantization, then you get some lag and glitches here and there. I'll check it out as well, maybe theres a tighter way to do it

So good works perfect in A11 too - as it did in A10. Route the channels dum dum

really cool stuff thanks

oh yeah this is phatt

really nice!

really nice!

ah great! thanks for the response - i understand what was happening - I assumed only the notes within the loop points were selected and rotated around, not the entire clip - and also I understand more how the duration might get modified as closeby notes deal with overlapping duration as noted in the changelog. All is good!

great stuff - is it just me though or is duration rotation not working as it should - it seems to just move the rotations out of the clip bounds and not "rotate" around on the start and end of clip

anyway, super nice

@iftah I knew/know that this is a choice. But we are mere mortals. I will use your device live as intended of course. Much love and thank you for the update! Hope you do a workshop in berlin/eu sometime would be f awesome

i'd buy a version that would save presets (at least a quick midi clip dump to a channel)
save the generated line with the project (pretty sure its an easy adjustment most of us did with the originals..i recall something inside just had to be set to automate or something)
maybe some cute stuff like generate a note staff hehe

@rdavilla76 @iftah also wondering about this - is there like a noise seed in the background that we can see - or is that a significant change to the way it works. I think adding a seed/pattern preset saver would be sweet and then just generate banks to switch acid lines in a track.

super cool.
i think the ui is a bit rough but it still works very well.
some pitch mod of the buffer would be sick

really useful and well made. Latest update has some GUI size issues on ym setup but its simple to fix yourself - some sizes and alignments are weird compared to the older one

hi - what was done in the update?

amazing tool - works with FB-01 "out of the box"

wow! looking forward to try it. What will be the cost after november if I may ask?

Just tried it again with the TT303 and the issue must have been the Ties that i didn't fully understand before. Works great, so nevermind. Will shout if I find something weird I might have noticed before.

^ took a look at the live.step node and anyone interested - you just bang "left" or "right" to move the note pitches

In Max 8~ make sure you change the send variables to not just #.. but #0 so the assignment can function as intended.

- rotate the sequence (nudge it left/right) of notes

I got a synth that seems to not register the note off even on untied notes. Probably something to do with the synth. It works great with others, but this one seems to want shorter notes - which works when using a note length device. Can probably just adjust the note length with a quick edit.

super nice device!

really insane - sequencing the parameters gets solid results, saving set will save the sequence, soundings insane when routed to a 303. secret weapon for sure.

OK this is EPIC

great stuff


Hiya - seems the pictures and .js weren't frozen into the patch, so they are missing.

looking fwd to trying it!

great idea! thanks for video tutorial.

I got a crash when pressing "Only Fill" after setting everything up and having it work as shown.

I assume "Only Fill" is a way to work on your drum fill as you prepare the structures.

Who knows why it crashed, it was a totally blank project template with 1 group track consisting of a default DS Drum Rack and another Midi track for fills.

I recovered the project and seems its working as it should now. Will spam more if i can get it to happen again.

really cool especially once you understand it

really good!


+ would be nice if the button text would fit into the button, maybe its possible to allow multiline or fit text in box or something

Everything is working great so far here.

I am mapping out the shortcuts to devices right now and thinking about what can possibly be an easy approach -

one thing is of course the user can organize devices they want to map via folders before assigning the shortcuts so its easier to click through and map in BrowserMapper.

I don't want to mess any old projects up so will just leave it as is and browser around finding the devices and assigning them.

I guess the Ableton Categories aren't available for BrowserMapper to see, that could be a nice solution perhaps. Kinda wish they added more categories though - maybe im hoarding stuff but I use quite a lot of devices and just generally like to switch it up a bit so i don't get ableton depression.

one thing i think might be possible is rearranging the button assignments - perhaps when in mapping mode you can swap around the assignments by clicking on the squares.

Anyway, most important it works great so far, everything else is just QOL.

really cool


about the overlapping stuff - the show/hide command had to be adjusted on my end since the scripting name is capitalized

so script show Display1, script show Display2 and script hide Display1, script hide Display2

Hi, for whatever reason - had to delete the mira patcher inside the 1.4 version otherwise the bangs weren't triggering anywhere. Also adjusted the FG BG buttons since they were overlapping the selected device name - dunno what its all about, might help someone though.

Device loads perfectly though compared to the 1.1 issue I had, mentioned above.

Other than that - would be cool if you could type/search for the device to assign if at all possible.

More sane feature requests - a nicer colorpicker or swatch would be cool - maybe another one can be embedded or assigned (i think jitter uses its own, gotta check again).

Suggestion -when opening the device Launch mode might be better as an initial value, so you don't accidentally assign something.

I doubt that you can write protect the .py files for mappings but that could be sweet too - or an export so you can quickly backup your mappings and colors without folder diving - although its not hard.

great job on 1.4 anyway - really handy

yes and it is great

some unsolicited suggestions -
- drop down has selection "Oscillators" that I guess doesn't do anything and is just a way of telling you thats where you select an oscillator - wouldn't confuse me if it was left out
- ON/OFF was a bit confusing because its a left/right channel link but no graphics explain it

More interesting request is to allow DRY/WET to be a filter - so for example you can adjust how much of the frequency range gets affected so you can leave the low and mids alone.

anyway, cool!

cool device! Just FYI in Live 8 on Windows, the knob text color defaults to black so it doesn't look like you meant it.



im on beta - giving you a headsup that they broke something. hopefully sorted by then otherwise brace for impact. I made a bug report about it.

You aren't on the newest Ableton Beta are you?

Yep - after renaming the script folder and starting up ableton, and reselecting the browser mapper in preferences will make browser mapper open correctly.
Restarting ableton, will cause browser mapper to not work again.
Renaming the folder to a previous name and the selecting the script in preferences seems to work - so at least its not the name getting stored somewhere and filling up a db - its something with the script not being registered for Browser Mapper to find it correctly - even if its still selected in preferences. I guess its bug report time..

Heya, not sure whats happening anymore, since after Ableton reload i get a script error again even with the scripts moved and renamed. Untested theory is if I rename the folder again, it will work. Need to investigate further but lack of logic here makes me think its a bug somewhere.

was very easy to add mappable parameters with modulat from isotonik actually..
thanks again for device, sorry for spam!

*also forget the velocity thing, unnecessary

Took a look at the device and the mappable controls would have to parse the right note to trigger the value. I'll see if i can make a companion device that reads a particular range of midi note and velocity to a mappable control.

also would be cool to have maybe 4 or more mappable controls so you can automate parameters of an instrument

Actually its very interesting the way it is now too, now that I understand how to use it a bit more. The way you designed it allows easier programming of the effect without having to change device settings or mute the effect.

another suggestion:
Maybe Velocity drop off could be 0-200%

hi, something weird on my max/ableton - the buttons on the display dont have the text visible. I checked the device and maybe the colors aren't saved correctly - "Label Text Color" is black, so had to change it.
Windows Ableton 10.1.13b1 (beta)
Max 8.1.3

Device works well and animates very nicely (compared to JBouncingBall 0.1 by frosty) .
I wish there was another mode that creates the triggers just on note on.

heres the compressed patch with the lpg fix from before

Had to move the BrowserMapper folder to Remote Scripts that i had to create in the user library folder, and then rename the BrowserMapper folder for Ableton to see it - maybe some weird DB issue thanks to this new change.

ah i see what it is - the updated wiped the midi scripts..great.
I think everything has to be put into a new folder because they will keep wiping the main one with updates :

It is now possible to create a "Remote Scripts" folder in the User Library, where user/third-party scripts can be added for use with MIDI controllers. Added scripts will appear in the Link/MIDI Preferences tab.

haven't double checked, but I assume newest max broke the functionality.
from beta update notes:

Updated the bundled Max build to version 8.1.3 RC.
For a complete Max 8.1.2 changelog, visit:
For a complete Max 8.1.3 changelog, visit:


think i got it. the s/r pairs should have --- before the variable and not --