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Devices by fingerspushbuttons

FPB ATD3 Transposer Delay Version 1.4
FPB ATD3 MIDI Server Version 1.4
FPB Push Locker Version 1.6
FPB Push Colour Notes Version 1.6
FPB Pop Up Comment Version 1.0
FPB Pop Up Piano Version 1.6.4
FPB Push Class Control Version 1.0
FPB Chord Strummer Version 1.0

Total Downloads: 1,356

Comments by fingerspushbuttons


Thanks Broah, please let me know how useful you find it in practice.

cheers troll, i'll see if can make some mods soon.

First off great device!

Have you thought about letting the user control the Hz with variable pressure on the Push Pad?

That would be quite easy to achieve if you tell max to only listen to the pressure info from the last pushed pad.

If not would you be happy for me to muck around with your creation at some later date.

I think it's actually j.panorama~ you need, just install Jamoa with package manager, and you will hear this device work.

I have just realised this deivice uses the j.panner~ external, part of the Jamoa pack. It is easy enough to install with the max package manager. Please let me know if you are experiencing won't here any output without j.panner~.