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Hi! Nice device, I really like the concept. I wonder could you add pitch shifting function to all 4 loopers in the next version? It would also be great to have a pan knob on each loop.

sorry, I mean 11.1.1. Live crushing when I flip through files in random simpler

it's unavailable? I don't see it on the addition, I had problems (crashes) in the new version of ableton 11.1.42, decided to check how long ago random simpler was updated and could not find it now, it's a pity. I have used it in almost all projects

Nice thing, but the output signal panned slightly to the left for some reason.

Hey, for some reason it's doesn't work until I open the patch in max (in patching mode) and then close it.

Hey, nice thing!
I run it on Mac OS (10.15.5) and there is no values under the pitch knob. Can you fix this, please?

Hey, Empytree
No problem, I think built-in sequencer is enough
But I wonder if it's possible to create sequencer in mlr-like-style?
I watch this video and I notice that mlr has a feature which allows to record a certain sequence of actions, I hope you understand what I mean (at 2:30)

Nice patch, thank you! What "seq" button does? It seems like it doesn't work at all. I would really like a built in sequencer in jugbeat solo. Or at least the ability to control the buffer via MIDI from another channel. I don't have a launchpad, but I want to be able to program a buffer playback.

Great tool! But I can't save the presets.

Great device, but sometimes for some reason, when I close project and open it again all tracks with this device do not sound. Solution is remove this device from all tracks and put the new ones. very annoying..

wow! nice device!

great thing! could you do possibility to disable filter in the next version ? it would be nice to process the signal using only the modulation module. also, maybe add the 'flutter' module? I'm looking max4live analog to "wow and flutter" plugin for a very long time. and it looks like your only who does something similar.


When I add it to project, "undo" function stops working. "undo change live.numbox" - that's what it says.