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FFT Infinite Sostenuto Version 0.1
Spectral Shuffle Version 0.2
FM Granulator Version 1.01
Spectral Accumulator Version 0.3
FFT Bin Exchange Version 1.02

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Comments by composingcap


It is in stereo now

I went ahead and added the ability to change window sizes. I will add stereo in the future.

Just added some crude panning controls to the output.

Sorry for the long wait--

I have correctly frozen this now. Sorry for the trouble

I can look into it- how I have it set up now changing the fft size would be a little problematic (mostly because the patch is a bit messy and changing the fft size requires me to re initialize the pfft objects)

These updates should fix those issues

Hey, sorry I do not check this very often. I will look at it when I get a chance. I think it should be an easy fix.