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Meeblip Triode Control Version 0.01

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Like the range of sounds. But the Noise Filter Cutoff knob won't turn. Is there something in the patch keeping it frozen at 2.41khz

Nicely done, peeking inside it's clear that people who know what they're doing write different Max patches than I do ;-)

@gbravetti I've been hacking on this for a week or more in spare time. If you do a better controller, have at it.

It's impossible to FULLY control a Triode, since you select analog waveforms vs Wavetable at startup. But this will get the job done until you totally smoke me with something freaking awesome.

I found this really useful, but I had two problems:

1. i put it on a MIDI channel, set the MIDI channel to monitor input, and it did nothing. I had to add a second channel, set it's input to the correct controller, turn on input monitoring and route the output to Momentary 8. Is this necessary?

2. I set it up to respond to the key messages from my LPD8, and it behaved oddly. The second & 6th control did not respond, but the third and 7th control responded to both the key assigned and the key assigned to the 2nd and 6th controls.