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VU Meter Version 1.0
DX7 Program Change Version 1.0
8faders Version 1.1

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Love your work. If I can just offer a couple of suggestions. On the Minimoog and other similar Moog offerings the oscillator mixer section also saturates the signal. I notice in your description it apparently does overdrive the filter circuit, however I found the effect to be pretty mild. In your patch I tried to implement this simply by adding an [overdrive~ 5] before the filter, which does fine job, but you could try other saturation algos. The other thing I noticed is the filter doesn't scream and self oscillate like the real thing and it would certainly be nice if it did. I have a Slim Phatty and it really is capable of some filthy sounds.

This is so cool. Thank you.

FM via the patchbay seems to be restricted to a pretty shallow depth.

Otherwise, pretty nice take!

This is really useful. Unfortunately, when it is running it fills up the undo list in Live with Change "live.numbox[8]".