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AutoSave Version 1.4.3
SingleMacro Version 1.1
MaxEnvelopes Version 1.2.4
Toggler v1.0 Version 1.0

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i can make that function but why what are you doing?

good pointt 👍, thats pretty cool too.I havent seen anything similar before thats half the reason i uploaded.I specifically wanted the midi note to toggle, internally is actually sending binary.

Check my other devices>>

Thanks for reporting this issue should be an update on the way soon.

Very cool,using Audio Send Receive is there a way to have the receiving track solo with the original?

Updated to v1.2 report any problems thanks.

It was my version of Ableton they stated in some release notes thanks, would it be possible to get a solo on the reciveing end of outist i think the api would be possible

Its design is to specifically create backups, ableton backup is designed to overide upto 10 from oldest to newest. xXBrodieXx


had some crashes, wonder if its just me?

would a windows version be possible? Thanks

Hey this is a great there anyway to set a specific cc expression control.Id like to try using this with external fx like traktor.Thanks again.

i use these devices (1 & 2) so often, mostly as dummy midi tracks for modulation.I would do just about anything to get them floating.....ANYTHING

any vid possibly?

Would it be possible to see a float on a future update? Thanks for this great device.

wondering if it would be worth following up with a project timer?
Would be a great add.Thanks MaxForCats