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Good concept!

I like the concept. Bought it on sale with Loom for $29.

Got this today. Another original! Thanks!

Your sequencer is pretty good feature wise. Thanks!

There is another commercial device like labyrintho but I might want to give your free one a try so I downloaded it.

Nice sequencer!

Useful for my projects.

Thanks for the clever music devices!

Thanks so much for your M4L devices. This your extended now polyphonic Plaits emulator appears to be the best Plaits yet for Ableton Live.

I'm giving this a try it looks interesting.

What dreams may come in this spirit world with v2.3?? I am the sole survivor dervish x.1.

This is a clever tool. Thanks!

This bundle is very unique seemingly but the demo didn't impress. Buying it anyhow... it's on sale.

This is good!

Now that I noticed you have old devices but I'll give this one a try.

I haven't rated any devices yet but I'm making a collection and this is worthy of it.

Some mixes can really get cleaned up with EQ's like this. I'm on it!

If this can match the real thing it would be nice.

I'm going to have to see if this is my thing.

This is a very good Max For Live device for us Live users.

Includes a vast array of IR impulses? Sounds good to me!

The display numbers in TOPoSEQ are showing as a light whitish pink that's hard to read on my computer in Live 11.3.11 on a Mac m1..

I'm not sure what sets this apart from normal sequencers in ways but I'll give it a try.

This device is important for me I think as an alternative to other tools that have a similar function that I have.

The timer you provide has the best design in my opinion. Thanks.

I'm a big Ableton fanatic. Thanks for the devices. I got this one this morning.

This is the best strummer I found so far. LFO autocontrol/forward backward/octave control so on.

Ok! Glad to find a strummer device I want. User created and free of course!

After further searching for an Ableton strumming M4L device I found this and decided to buy it after reading the description.

Everyone needs transition morphing here and there!

Just like Mode this isn't Apple Silicon ready unfortunately. Please upgrade it to be current for the modern Mac users. Thank you.

This isn't 2023 ready but it appears to be one the Rings emulator with the slickest interface. Please upgrade Mode to Apple Silicon in macOS Sonoma.

This is worth a try although I have other tape effect plugins.

Lo-fi experimental music effect. Good stuff thanks!

I got this today. Going to consider using it for pads vocals and other things.

This is a good take on the classic "bouncing ball" sequencer. I want to try a different instrument output per "ball" on the device as a creative technique. I think it should work

Love the Dillon Bastan stuff available. Thanks!

Microsound compositions anyone? This is a must have then.

Another best must have for Ableton Live! Thanks for the solid product!

This is nice for ambient sounds and soundscapes and pads, etc. Glad to have!

I'm putting this in my Ableton User Preset filter folder under my bought presets. Ableton sure is special. Thanks for this M4L.

This is a great delay for experimental looping. Thank you.

This is the 1st of your M4L's I'm getting so far amongst several others eventually.

Freesound is an indispensable tool for one-shots, fx, sound beds & loops. I am glad to see it integrated into Live with all the features.

I was going to buy the Eurorack 0-Coast sequencer but this replacement is great fun!

Simplest way to step record it seems. I hope it works without Push.

New and very asian sounding.

I have plugins that I can replace this with. Need to just choose a sequencer. Squelchy!

I can use this with your FM Synth or whatever else. Only $1 for it. Thanks!

Have to get all your M4L devices!

Great stuff.

Great tool along with all your other devices.

This is unique and good for my songs.

This seems to be one of the best Plaits emulations on MaxForLive or even the best.

Yeah this one should be worth it. I got it, too.

Thank you for the free device. I tried it some and didn't figure all the settings yet but it's interesting.

This is great as I just got a new Microfreak that I wanted a further in depth editor for than the current Mac one from Mono and here it is! Hope it works. I'm exchanging my unit and I'll make a new response if I run into trouble with the editor device.

This is useful for me. Thank you for the device.

Nice freebie. Thanks!

Completed set now.

Completing my set of chance devices!

Very good stuff.

This is a great additional device.

Got this. Should be great for projects.

Got this good to go.

This is a very exciting useful device. I just bought it direct from isotonik studios.

Hopefully Braids & Plaits will work perfect before long..

I downloaded the new most recent Braids & Plaits but the filenames display wrong. Plaits should be 1.2.1& Braids should be 1.1.1 in the filenames I think...

One of the better karplus strong type strings on MaxForLive. Thanks!

Rings is one of my favorite modules. Thank you!

Plaits is great.Thanks!

Bought this right away. Wonderful resource.

Another exciting device. Thanks!

I comment on everything as I receive it. Thanks for this fascinating device!

I have Live 11.2.10 Suite installed and Autonomia.amxd says it needs Max 8.5 minimum to run. I tried to install Max 8.5.3 from to make Autonomia work. What should I do to make it work?? Would reinstalling live 11.2.10 Suite help?

Now we're onto something good!!Thanks. Downloaded!

I bought it and I wasn't impressed by the presets in this but it seems like a promising instrument judging by the Youtube videos demonstrating it.

I bought this although it would be real nice if Ableton Live 11 added an updated browser in a future version soon.

Rings is going to be interesting to try.

So many good devices out there. Thanks for this one.

Good stuff

Thanks for the 3 sequencers

Calm like a new years resolution. 640x480

The most precious gem, Amen.

Two great devices. Stepper and this! Getting it.

I can use this it seems like it could be fun to morph it.

I will eventually buy most of your devices. Got this one today.

More Mutable for free. Yes!

This should be good. I haven't rated all the devices yet as I haven't had a chance to try my choices much so far on Live 11.

I'll want to check this out. Mutable is nice.

This seems vital to try.

Had to get this one. Interesting device it is!

I can use this.

Thank you for the tremelo.

More exciting stuff as usual. Thanks.

Stacked this with my other effects. Plan to check it out later this year. Thanks!

I'm on this.


Thanks for this.

I bought this only to discover it requires Rosetta emulation. I'm using Ableton 11.1 please update this instrument!