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About Simulations: Hi! My name is Kyle Hinton (aka Simulations) and I love playing with sound! I'm a sound artist who has been creating installations, theater sounds, sound performances and music since 2009.
I've been creating with PD and Max/Msp since 2009 but have only been using Max more frequently over the last two years.
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Swift Grain Version 1.8
Emerald Synth Version 1.0

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@NeonBreath, @zeep:
Hi, Thanks for the comments! Here's a demo on Soundcloud. It starts with a dry signal, then all the volume faders inside the grain modules get turned up, one at a time. The sound in the first fader is pitched down. By the end of it, the feedback is turned up all the way, on all the modules, to show how dense the sounds can be. There is a built in limiter.