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yep congrats you made a killer

This is yuuuge very cool

Sounds cool i dig it. Thanks

Thanks mate, working great now

Unique sounding verb i love it but can only use one instance per session.

When i put a 2nd instance on a new channel it feeds back into the 1st instance turning everything to mush with no seperation between tracks.

Same as above regarding the MAP buttons not being visible.

Max error - bpatcher: bpatcher: error loading patcher MapButtonLFO_mr.maxpat

Live 10.1.4

Absolutely stellar work my friend.

Please consider adding 'Swing' to it's already impeccable feature set.

Works great in Live 10.1.3
I'm using with cv for some random controlled chaos

cool device.
Q setting not saved with project.
Live 10.1.3
Osx High sierra

Great work it's just what i've been looking for, simple (to use) multi oscillator kick machine.
Just made my first Sine /Triangle kick and it's just fabulous.
Thanks again mate.

It is not saving settings with project, not a deal breaker tho

Yeh...what he said ⬆︎⬆︎

I've built some monster drum racks with this awesome device.
Thankyou :)

Thanks for your hard work i find it very useful on filtering percussion

Looks great but i'm not getting any sound.

I'm seeing a bunch of errors in Max console:
poly . no patchertest.maxpat
poly . patchcord inlet out of range:deleting patchcord