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Here is a version modded exclusively for use with EQ8:

... Actually ...

Simply removing the slaving of the eq8 'SCALE' parameter to the master device would accomplish everything!


I hear ya,

I was messing about inside the device and noticed this exactly, simply inverting data does not work.

I was wondering would you be up for creating a device completely dedicated to EQ8 (or even better the fabfilter pro q2 ;) that would do the 'inverting' correctly.

Such device would be a godsend!!

Only the data from the gain knobs would be inverted. Other functions would be left as is. Keeping the 'scale' function un-ganged would be killer feature too.

Pretty please with a sugar on the top xoxoxox

x 1000 !!!

That is exactly what I anted to do with this device!

I can do it by macroing an EQ inside a Audio Rack but it is cumbersome to say the least ...

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English ... Please ...

Well executed device thx!


Check the functionality of ESC key .. might be messing with something ...

Also perhaps add a key bounce of 300 ms or something.



Hey man,

I'm not the guy to code you stuff but I was just thinking that the device you need might be as easy as an extension to the above mentioned bitvoltage device. You could use the voltage device to record and save save to a certain location and with a certain name and then use a newly coded device to fetch these recordings and place them into certain sample slot so you could play them similarly as you described...

Any way a thought ... You might wish to visit the Cycling 74 forum and offer some money for peoples troubles.


Hey Tom,

Thanks for the device.

Does the device require that one manually arms each track?

Also it would be great if the recording of a clip would automatically advances to the below clipslot.



How is the initial step length and step velocity determined? By random?

Brilliant work! Thank you!

Device _DEARLY_ needs an option for divided by three numbers (3rd, 6th, 9th etc).

Also I would go and say it would be great to have the iterations all the way up to 16 (skips and onlys) to get break free of the very short 16th part repetition cycle.

Thanks again!

Hey Hyakken,

How can I contact you?

I am unable to find your contact information.


Decay per voice is a must!


Super neat patching!! Thanx for sharing, this is quality!!


_ Nice_ but alas an unusable device = keeps on filling the UNDO buffer!

Hey great device,easy to the eye too, thx for sharing!

I get weird half a second freeze on graphics (not only plugin but live as well) if I click on the grey background area. If I click multiple times the gfx glitch lasts clicks x 500ms ..

You could add a feature that on addition to skip a step one could determine it as 'pass' a step, so for example pass 1 of 3 etc

Please include a 'paste' command because one does not wish always to paste to the next number over.

I would not mind to have a wide device with 16 x 8 parameters.


... Also a reset on stop would be grand ,)

I like this take on the sequncer! Its same basic idea but simpler yet very fast to work with.

What your version is dearly missing is the 'note hold' mode so that the note is held the duration of the step.

Sweet device ...

It would be great if you could add a feature that would stop the counting if the mouse is not moved in 5 or 10 minutes and the transport is off.

Good ideas above ... One needs to feed in noters (with groove) and trigger the events with those if quantization with groove is needed I thinks ..


Maybe you would like to look into max "tabs" ...


Actually I'm able to get it working in M4L on Mac but not on my studio PC ...

Ah ... seems to work again (?!?)

Sorry for the noise ,)

This fantastic little device was working nicely with the M4L betas but stopped working with 8.1/5.1 final release ;(

The target parameter menu does not populate on bang ...