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About ManifestAudioGbR: From Berlin's underground direct to your hard-drive, Manifest Audio delivers inspiration to your studio via loop packs, virtual instruments, DAW-specific tools and templates, and innovative creative tools. For maximum utility and ultimate quality, all samples are run through our proprietary post-processing chain at the acclaimed Manmade Mastering KG facility in Kreuzberg and, where applicable, optimized for use in Live by an Ableton Certified Trainer. Manifest Audio: it's what we do...
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Subtraction Engine Version 1.1
Chance Engine Version 1.1
Note Raum Version 1.2
Cheat Code Version 1.1
Mod Squad Version 1.0
Pattern Engine Version 1.0

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Thanks for this wonderful feedback, really glad you're happy with it! That balance between generative and performance features is exactly what we were aiming for. :)

Ratcheting request duly noted.

Hi Rosko! Thanks for clarifying - yes audiojet, it's true. After adding to cart, you must complete the checkout process. And Rosko, I agree: I also wish there wasn't so much information requested on checkout! It's simply the default setting from our backend hosting service which we unfortunately are not able to change. However, the only information actually required to be accurate is your email, since that's where the download link arrives - but please feel free to enter something silly for all the other fields! To be clear though, if the email entered at checkout is not correct, you will not receive the link.

Hi audiojet! Have you checked all your Junk and Spam folders? The email containing your download link is automated by Squarespace.