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BUG: When changing the pitch knob it automatically resets the pitch knob if you turn the stut knob.
And as soon as you set the stut knob to stop it resets the pitch knob back as well.

Interesting patch. Thanks.

Why pay for it when it's FREE?

Thanks, love to see these Reason devices.
If you have more of these feel free to post ;)

In other words...Granulator2 doesn't allow incoming Pitch from MIDI (weird thing Henke didn't add such basic thing to the initial Granulator, i know).

Hey djcondor,

Just noticed you've edited a patch from Henke.
I wonder whether you can edit Granulator2 as well to be able to receive Pitchwheel.

See here an example:

Thanks for the share ;)

Interesting share, thanks jkais ;)

Nice patch, thanks :)

Already available for free!

Similar to K-Devices EXT (which has way more features)

benniy c bascom (aka bennniii) is now working at K-Devices, as i saw him presenting their videos. He is promising for over *** 18 months *** now that V2 will be released. False promises. bennniii I hope you appreciate my Paypal donation i did a year ago (actually to support the development of POLYRHYTHMUS V2!).

Fantastic device.
Thanks for the share man ;)

Great to see Reason vs Live interaction.
Hope to see more things like this coming.

Nice creative idea! ;)

I wonder if you can add mono outputs as well so you can i.e. add a reverb to the left channel and a delay to the right channel.
Something like that?

Such exist already in Ableton by default, it's called the Limiter (Categories-->Audio Effects-->Limiter)


Download link doesn't work, results in 404 error.

Will you post the changelog for v1.2?
What are the changes/bug fixes/new features?

What's the difference between DeviceSnapshotManager and Kapture?

Already over a year it seems this Polyrhythmus does not get into V2, the update was "almost finished" but we're still waiting and waiting for over a year now.

What's up @bennniii???

Funny patch, thanks.

Please add more than 1 bar sequences such as 1/128, 1/64, 1/32t, etc.,etc. and also free mode (not synced).

The whole process for that crap website Sellfy does not work at all.

I tweeted and even shared on FB but i am not even able to download for free.
False promises.


Thanks for this interesting patch ;)


His site works ok, no issues with it, although you have to create an account (which is a bit time consuming meeeeh), but all downloads are working fine after creating an account and login.

Looks very nice.
Is it possible for the sequencer to control the HP-LP-BP independently?

For example, the HP is set to >< while the LP is set to < and the BP set to >

Also, can the steps of the sequencer be set independently?

Like the HP has 11 steps, BP has 22 steps and LP has 3 steps?

Is it possible to generate random sequencer patterns? (i assume it's the "R" button?)

Should not be sold via Ableton, saves us 40% instantly.
mauriziogiri has his own website


Any news about the coming update?

Yet another overpriced plugin sold via where you always pay 40% more because Ableton demands a piece of the pie.

No thanks.

I smell a April Fools here.
Nice try ;)

Looks like a nice patch though.

No offence to you, but in no way i am going to pay $299 for a crossgrade just to be able to use max7 patches created by others in my Ableton Live.

Cycling74 is complete out of their mind i guess...

Let's see what Ableton 10 has to offer.
If Live 10 Suite doesn't come with Max for Live 7 i won't even upgrade.
Buy Bitwig instead which has (or will get) it's own modular patching system similar to Max plus unique features Live hasn't.

It's a shame as a Max for Live 6 user you'll have to pay $299 in order to use patches OTHER PEOPLE created in Max7....
No backwards compatibility.

Cycling74 dickheads.


Thanks for the teaser.
Great to see progress and fun to see your home lights flashing on the beat lol ;)


That sounds cool! :)


Thanks for sharing.

When will the new update released?

I got it to work, you have to drag and drop a sample into "drop samples here" and change the "life" and "amp" parameters to hear sound.
But after changing some settings i hear only clicks.
It's not the most intuitive "synth".
Need some improvements.

@naskou please upload a small tutorial video to YouTube that explains all the features and options.