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About KentaroSuzuki: Technical Sound Designer
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Devices by KentaroSuzuki

Locator-Jumper Version 1.0
Clip-Renamer Version 1.0
Clip-Exporter Version 1.0
Kill-Live Version 1.0
Dr-OscSender Version 1.0
Re-Constructor Version 1.4
Conv-Vel Version 1.2
Kill-App Version 1.2
Note-Office Version 1.1

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Comments by KentaroSuzuki


Thank you, I'm happy to recommend it to people around you!!

I distributed 1.4 which added various functions now. Does the same thing happen?

@NeonBreath OK, please wait next update!!

@Neon Breath: Fixed a bug that the value of the slider slightly shifted when the LiveSession file was reopened. Thank you.

Fixed a problem that slider parameters occasionally not stored successfully in Live Session file.

I am sorry, changed to "Commercial".