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About KentaroSuzuki: Technical Sound Designer
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Devices by KentaroSuzuki

Particle-Reverb Version 2.0
Freeze-Notes Version 1.1
Locator-Jumper Version 1.1
Clip-Renamer Version 2.0
Clip-Exporter Version 1.3
MidiN-to-OSC Version 1.3
Re-Constructor Version 1.6
Conv-Vel Version 1.5
Kill-App Version 1.2
Note-Office Version 1.4
Freeze-Space Version 2.0
Stutter-Morf Version 2.3
Render-Vel Version 2.0
LFO-PerlinD Version 2.2
Particle-Reverb surround Version 1.0
LFO-Morf Version 3.3

Total Downloads: 8

Comments by KentaroSuzuki


I'm sorry to have kept you waiting. It has been fixed in the update along with new features. Check it out!!

I see, it was in a state that changes depending on the color of Live, so I will fix it and send it again. Thank you for teaching me.

immediately after updating Ver. 2.0 yesterday, I noticed the improvements and uploaded the corrected Ver.2.1. Can you check if it is Ver.2.1? (LFO-Morf too)

I see. Probably the cause seems to be Render-Vel, not Conv-Vel. Wait a moment as I will fix Render-Vel. Thank you.

Oh, how terrible it is.. I updated the latest version to 1.5.1 now so please check it again. I'm sorry for troubling you.


Updated to Ver.1.4. Please try it with the new version.

I released version 1.6 which made processing slightly lighter and increased density accordingly. Please check whether the version is also silent. Thank You.

Thank you for your purchase. I also tested it and I ran it for a while, but I could not see similar bugs. Give me some more information to resolve.
・mac or windows (and os Version)?
・Live Version (ex 10.0.2)?
・Will it fall at the moment of insertion after Render?
I apologize for causing trouble but thank you.


Thank you, I'm happy to recommend it to people around you!!

I distributed 1.4 which added various functions now. Does the same thing happen?

@NeonBreath OK, please wait next update!!

@Neon Breath: Fixed a bug that the value of the slider slightly shifted when the LiveSession file was reopened. Thank you.

Fixed a problem that slider parameters occasionally not stored successfully in Live Session file.

I am sorry, changed to "Commercial".