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About KentaroSuzuki: Technical Sound Designer
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Devices by KentaroSuzuki

Freeze-Notes Version 1.1
Locator-Jumper Version 1.1
Clear-Env Version 1.0
Clip-Renamer Version 1.1
Clip-Exporter Version 1.3
MidiN-to-OSC Version 1.3
Re-Constructor Version 1.5
Conv-Vel Version 1.4
Kill-App Version 1.2
Note-Office Version 1.3
Render-Vel Version 1.1

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Comments by KentaroSuzuki


As you can see from my other devices in Gumroad, they update frequently.

Yes, I am planning to update it. Because I use it. If you are worried it would be nice to wait until the update is over. But when the update is completed, the price goes up a bit.

No, Session View only, because clip access method differs between arrangement view and session view in LiveAPI. I will respond by updating.

Thank you. However, please understand that it takes time and effort and other people can not make this.

Thank you, I'm happy to recommend it to people around you!!

I distributed 1.4 which added various functions now. Does the same thing happen?

@NeonBreath OK, please wait next update!!

@Neon Breath: Fixed a bug that the value of the slider slightly shifted when the LiveSession file was reopened. Thank you.

Fixed a problem that slider parameters occasionally not stored successfully in Live Session file.

I am sorry, changed to "Commercial".