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About DP: Dutch interaction designer Daan Pothoven.

Please check out my latest release, a 100% synthesis kick drum synth, called ULTRAKICK:
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DP.HouseHat Version 2.6
ULTRAKICK Version 1.1.1

Total Downloads: 2,651

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As of September 1st 2018, ULTRAKICK has been reduced in price by 50%! Link:

ULTRAKICK now comes with 66 presets!

@AdrienKjer Hi there! Most kick drum synthesizers work with envelope generators (for pitch and amp) and ULTRAKICK and KICK 2 are no exception. Apart from that, ULTRAKICK is quite different from KICK 2 for many reasons, one being that ULTRAKICK is 100% synthesis and KICK 2 partially works with samples. About pricing, KICK 2 is way more expensive than ULTRAKICK, please check this out ;).

@Westboy: What do you mean exactly?

@peyot86 Mate, thanks! Let's discuss this over e-mail: info [at]

@M1O That is correct! Have fun!

@M1O Thank you for your comment. About the settings: this is a design decision - settings can only be saved in external preset files and won't be saved in the live-set anymore. In older versions of DP.HouseHat the multislider object (BP filters gain settings) would flood Ableton's undo-history. This problem is now solved :).

Enjoy and feel free to share links to your productions in which DP.HouseHat has been used ;).