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Four Beat Repeat Version 1.0
Filter Fingers Version 0.3
College Dropout Version 1.0
Probabilibuddy Version 1.0
Most Simplest Version 1.0
Grain Mill Version 0.5

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No idea why the image I used got kinda messed up. It looks better in Ableton for whatever reason.

I never bought any of the Roli Blocks because they didn't seem to add anything to my workflow on their own. This is a really awesome utilization of them, though. Props on the concept (and for sharing it for free)! V cool.

That's some attractive UI work!

I'm not a huge modular person, but musicians bringing modular elements to M4L for free are heroes of mine.
The design is gorgeous, Max. Great job!

The original was the best (and most reliable) pitch drop device around, so an update with a ludicrous 10 minute max length is pretty exciting. A ramp up would be nice, too, but I know that's a different mechanism altogether (and one that would likely be impossible with a length of that much).

Thanks for the update!

Has anyone tried modding this to be a wet/dry (target track/current track) output?

So... is this still on your site somewhere? I can't find it.

Well... I guess it's time to find out what the hell a Rungler is.

Hey, I was debating how to create something like this. Thank you. The output scaling was confusing at first (I assumed the Min/Max values were for the individual nodes), but it makes sense to me now. Much appreciated.

For those who are still using this, the Max for Live Essentials PitchDrop is much more stable.

Looks cool, but... is the audio just coming from one of the free PeRColate objects and running into a basic jitter visualizer? Can you legally profit on someone else's free Max/MSP contrirbutions?

Does anyone else get weird coll errors in the Max console when using this? It was stable for me before, but it's been getting a bit finicky on me lately.

This looks legitimately cool... and kind of expensive, given I don't know how well it would be suited to my needs.
Has anyone tried this? How's the CPU usage?
My reservations are that, while it seems interesting, it's hard to tell how the M4L version compares to the original, and a lot of the additional effects (such as bitcrushing) seem to be superfluous additions that are already available in Ableton and introduce a degree of bloat I'm trying to cut back on.

Yo, I'm late to the part on this one (by a few years), but man... what a killer effing synth! Very simple and distraction-free. It's nice having a really simple tool with a relatively straightforward function that I can jump to when I need it. It really holds up like a beast on the low end, and can get some rather BoC-inspired sounds with a few simple tweaks.

Pretty radical, but I seem to be getting a lot of pops still...

Dillon's becoming one of the greatest assets to the M4L community (and, in general, making Ableton more experimentally-friendly).

V cool.

Merci beaucoup!

Supremely useful and expertly conceived. Thank you!

I always dug Brendan's Granary, but I'm not getting any audio from this live device...