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You give away what you like comrade, I don't buy it and I wouldn't anyway as frankly AI's can help me choose what coloured socks to wear today if it likes, but can stay away from my music making, period..

Anyway I'm more interested in Jeffromusics 'Guttervalve' machine, that sounds awesome and in some way's sounds more Analogue and Dirty.

If this works as you explain, it's brilliant, and let be the first in saying a big thank you for posting it for free and M4L.

Description sounds very cool, I will give it a go. :)

Yeah, a feature on Abletons website is long overdue.

So good mate.

All midi data from sequencers, arpeggiator's and the such can be re-captured in live with another midi channel set to record the output of the desired output channel.

Tried but I didn't do anything.

Not sure how to get this to work, thought for a moment it was meant to be used as an audio through midi synth/effect, however I not sure I even understand your ideas. Can you explain a bit more?

Try an arpeggiator set a low speeds for some fascinating scales, sequences and glissandos.

I'm eager to try a device that's designed by someone wishing to make short hand or chords that has a deep understanding of their structure, seems like fuzzy logic, but I'm seriously impressed by your commitment.

Thanks for sharing.

Essential !

Thanks Kleine, for every grateful.

I'm using max 5.1 and Live 8 so not working glitch free, however it's a really useful device and no doubt works fine in max 6 and Live 9 love it..


Thanks Tom as ever you do the music community proud, watched loads of your tutorials and now this.


I would feel worried that this device was not posted on the site despite the fact that the developer has posted clearly that his device cost's the bank breaking fee of 1.50 euro's.

It works like a gem, and works with 3rd party plugins, I had some great fun working with 'Camel Space'.

It's an essential item and will be used in every set I do from now on.

I would be happy to support anyone who feels they would like to make a little 'Tea' money from there labours, If I can see it working and it fit's my needs, then it's all good.

I'm already greatful, in having a high end dsp device that helps my understanding of music theory and aids better music creation.