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Looks amazing!!!

Yo this is amazing!

amazing work dude


Game changer, makes all music 1000 x better

Amazing as always. been using it on everything.


Holy crap dude ty!!!!!!

Dude yes... tysm for this!

You did it! So stoked to use this.

game changer! ty for your work.

Amazing as always

absolutely nuts, tysm

Amazing as always. ty!

Seriously....ty g this is amazing!!

Hey Brodiem! I love the UI and general ease of use of your plugin. I found another LFO device that has some extra capabilities, but the UI imo is not nearly as good. take a look at this video and lmk if you might be able to implement some of these features!

Also, this is just a personal preference, but if there is any way to make the popout window an option instead of necessary, that helps with workflow a ton imo, keeping the graph within the lower portion of Ableton always feels right lol.

Either way, you did an amazing job! looking forward to your next devices!

I'm absolutely loving using this dude, I cannot wait to see what else you come up with/implement!

Amazing Job h1data! This is awesome. I look forward to your next creation!

quantized Midi of course, like you stated above im sure a live input wouldn't be a good idea.

Hey Cvolm!

I've been working with this plugin non-stop and its by far one of the best devices ive found. Just like the people above though, i thought of a few things that would make the device even better/things im dying to be able to do. The first would be to be able to strum down as well as up. The second would be for the device to accept incoming midi chords being played and turn them into a strum. I'm not sure how difficult either of these additions are, but I thought i'd give you my 2 cents. Thank you for making it btw!