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Mini-Sample 1.2 by opticon93
136 downloads, 0 Comments sampler, effect, other
Hi folks, Live 10 is great!!!! One of the great things is how so many of the new devices can be easily upgraded with additional circuits. I augmented the built-in "DS Sampler" with a filter (9 type... (more info)

PERFORKESTRA 1.0 by RogueLeada
118 downloads, 2 Comments other
In order to use this you will need the Orchestral Packs that come with Live 10 suite. This is a kind of sequel to the BRASSandTIMPANI, this time with full orchestra! the Dynamics macro do this: at th... (more info)

Noland2 1.0 by maxforcats
0 Comments synth
Noland II is a unique and innovative instrument - it is a sonic map waiting to be discovered. Instead of sliders or knobs, Noland can be controlled completely with individual, automatable XY pads. Eac... (more info)

ROGUEStretta Dirty 808 Bass 1.1 by RogueLeada
331 downloads, 0 Comments synth
based on the super fat "Stretta Dirty 808 Bass" modded to perform Glide and legato, as well with some enveloppe tweaking like pitch decay, and curved attack release amp enveloppe. You can support my ... (more info)

BRASSandTIMPANI 1.1 by RogueLeada
146 downloads, 2 Comments other
a live set performance that control a whole brass section + timpani with just one midi track, you get custom orchestral brass patches modded to perform dynamic crossfades like popular kontakt librari... (more info)

ROGUOTRON 2.2 by RogueLeada
253 downloads, 0 Comments synth
demo track: inspired by monotron, monotribe, 808 an Nintendo. clic on mickey for recording manual mouse gate gliding, record your gliding by moving the red bar... (more info)

Randy 1.0 by artcraft
0 Comments sequencer, other
It’s a simple random clip launcher and controller based on a synced time, with a settable tracks and clips range up to 255. There is up to 8 controllers available, with automatic assignment to the 8... (more info)

Properloop-MultiOut 1.0 by jonbenderr
0 Comments sampler, sequencer, glitch
For Live 10 and Max for Live 8 users ONLY! If you already purchased Properloop 2, check your email/spam/promotional folder for a free download code. If you have not yet purchased, you can purchase j... (more info)

fp.ComplexOscillator 1.03 by eltnet
0 Comments synth, push
Complex oscillator inspired by Buchla 261e, Make Noise DPO, etc… (more info)

ULTRAKICK Free Demo 1.0.3 by DP
0 Comments synth, drum, glitch, other, dj
This is a free demo version of ULTRAKICK, a state-of-the-art Max for Live kick drum synthesizer based on two oscillators and a noise generator. Features of the full (paid) version: - 100% synthesis: ... (more info)

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