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fp.MidiToCV 2.01 by eltnet
0 Comments utility, hardware, push
Convert Midi Notes to CV+Env+Trigger+Gate. (more info)

fp.Modulate 1.0 by eltnet
0 Comments synth, lfo, sequencer, push
This is a combo of LFO, envelope & burst, Turing Machine, sequencer, randomizer and oscillator with a morphable (not only mixed) waveform. (more info)

Mini-Stretcher 1.0 by opticon93
265 downloads, 0 Comments sampler, other
Hi, I upgraded my Mini-Sample with some Time Stretching and an expanded amp Envelope. Incoming midi controls the Pitch separately from the time-stretching. Stretch values above 1.0 correspond to ... (more info)

Beat Lab Instant Sampler 1.0 by ndivuyo
360 downloads, 0 Comments sampler
Record audio from any track directly into this free sampler and instantly riff with it (using the new features of Live 10). No more draggin and droppin. Great for live performance/sampling, try throwi... (more info)

Green Kick 1.0 by opticon93
774 downloads, 10 Comments synth, drum
Hi, This is a modification of Live10's built-in "DS Kick". In particular, the Pitch (B-1, C0, C#0, ... G2) is controlled by incoming MIDI, instead of an on-screen dial. Hitting the "Kick" button p... (more info)

Simple Rungler 1.0 by Razzkazz
218 downloads, 4 Comments synth, other
Original Max code by Johan van Kreij, Based on a design by Rob Hordijk. A simple rungler sound generator port to M4L. Happy to get feedback, update ideas, etc. I h... (more info)

Altun 1.0 by chrisw79
291 downloads, 1 Comments synth
Polyphonic synth with alternative tunings, a brief description of the system appears when the cursor is hovered to the left of the name. (more info)

Polyphonic Pitcher 1.0.1 by stev
2 Comments sampler, lfo, effect, other
This hybrid midi instrument/audio effect can either be thought of as a polyphonic midi harmonizer or a keyboard style sampler with continuous live audio input. Set the audio inputs at the top left of... (more info)

Mini-Sample 1.2 by opticon93
194 downloads, 4 Comments sampler, effect, other
Hi folks, Live 10 is great!!!! One of the great things is how so many of the new devices can be easily upgraded with additional circuits. I augmented the built-in "DS Sampler" with a filter (9 type... (more info)

PERFORKESTRA 1.0 by RogueLeada
159 downloads, 2 Comments other
In order to use this you will need the Orchestral Packs that come with Live 10 suite. This is a kind of sequel to the BRASSandTIMPANI, this time with full orchestra! the Dynamics macro do this: at th... (more info)

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