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Voodoohop Multiple Waveform Display 0.5 by voodoohop
16 downloads, 0 Comments utility, other, dj
important! you need to follow the link to download the application. the device i uploaded here won't do anything by itself. someone want to beta test my Ableton Live DJing and harmonic mixing addons?... (more info)

DSI Prophet 12 Ableton Arpeggiator Rack 1.1 by RedBeats
0 Comments sequencer, utility, other, hardware
One of the main complaints among P12 owners/users is the P12's arpeggiator and its MIDI integration issues. My main DAW is Ableton Live 9 and I have noticed the "bug" several times while trying to use... (more info)

some others modules for osillot 1.0 by dric
8 Comments synth, drum, sampler, lfo, effect, utility, other
hello, pack complement of my first pack, some other modules for oscillot and beap. for install look like this, the first pack: http://www.maxforlive.com/library/device/3761/up-to-30-devices-for-osc... (more info)

Up to 30 devices for oscillot 1.0 by dric
5 Comments synth, drum, sampler, lfo, sequencer, effect, utility, other
Hello here up to 30 devices for oscillot. There are sequencers, oscillators, sampleurs, utility and much more. In the packs two versions, one for beap and one for oscillot. The two version share the ... (more info)

SimpleChain Receive 1.0 by schmatz
76 downloads, 0 Comments effect, utility
A simple, easy way to add sidechain compression-based ducking to a track. (REQUIRED) SimpleChain Send link: http://www.maxforlive.com/library/device/3758/simplechain-send Along with SimpleChain Send... (more info)

SimpleChain Send 1.0 by schmatz
68 downloads, 0 Comments effect, utility
A simple, easy way to add sidechain compression-based ducking to a track. (REQUIRED) SimpleChain Send link: http://www.maxforlive.com/library/device/3759/simplechain-receive Along with SimpleChain R... (more info)

Cut-Off 1.03 by AMANTE
78 downloads, 0 Comments utility, other, dj
The new version of CutOff, the double filter for M4L (As in your mixer). Cut-off it is an audio effect that combines a lowpass and a highpass filter. 64 value (your knob middle) the filter does not a... (more info)

Oscilloscope 2.0 by sternmull
136 downloads, 0 Comments video, utility
A lissajous oscilloscope. Based on a Max patch I found, but forgot where. Credits to the unknown creator! For a more analog feel try this one (seperate program, not in Max): http://asdfg.me/osci (more info)

JP-08 Remote Control 0.1 by vasselbring
30 downloads, 0 Comments utility, hardware, push
This is my attempt at making a remote control device for the Roland JP-08 syntesizer that was released last year. A terrific little synth but with tiny faders! In order to use the "lower layer" you n... (more info)

Turn map 0.1 Beta 0.1 by freevibes
51 downloads, 0 Comments effect, utility, dj, m4lhackevent, beta
Device to map any parameter of Live to the rotation of the phone via wifi! -Instal touchOSC -Set send /accxyz "accelerometer data" from the TouchOSC settings . -Phone and pc need to be connected to t... (more info)

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