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midi note mapper 1.0 by vasselbring
55 downloads, 2 Comments utility
This is a device I made to save a lot of time when mapping vst plugins like superior drummer/ez drummer/BFD to a drum rack. Previously I had to make a chain for every midi note and then a pitch-midi e... (more info)

Source 1.0 by encoderaudio
2 Comments sequencer, utility
Source is a random voltage/API control source for the M4L platform. There are three sample and hold “circuits” with external or internal modulation possibilities. There are two versions, a CV vers... (more info)

JL UDP Bridge 1.0 by staplesyrup
0 Comments utility
This is a max patch to receive and transmit sysex between external synths and max for live devices. Set the midi ports you have your synth connected to and select "udp" as sysex method on the device. (more info)

Simple Pan 3.0 by Puppeteer
8 downloads, 0 Comments utility
A companion device to the Simple Volume control. This device allows for MIDI panning to be controlled from a controller such as an APC40. Features a thru button to allow or override automation and a ... (more info)

Henonsynth 1.0 by floszk
2 Comments synth, drum, sequencer, effect, utility, glitch, other
HENONSYNTH is a complex multi-purpose Synth Instrument and Effect/Modulator based on strange attractor's quadratic mapping. The synth’s algorithm generates a quasi-unlimited quantity of strange attr... (more info)

Multi Clip View 1.0.0 by marktakeshi
0 Comments utility, dj
=== View the state of multiple Clips at the same time === Do you want to simultaneously see what’s going on in multiple clips without having to constantly switching between the different playing cl... (more info)

M-Audio Oxygen 25 Pad Fixer 0.1 by dewert
27 downloads, 0 Comments utility, hardware
This is just a quick hack to fix the bizarre way the Oxygen 25's pads are assigned to notes. It has a simple interface which allows you to choose a note in octave 0 for each of the pads, and transpose... (more info)

Shaker 1.0 by floszk
0 Comments utility, other
Shaker allows you to grip'n shake Live's parameters. Link parameters to knobs and automatic change their values randomly to create automated variations, from fine modulations to total chaotic strange ... (more info)

Digital Distortion 0.3 by patrickmcminn
0 Comments effect, utility, beta
Features: -Harsh Clip-Limiting Distortion -Pre-Distortion Low Shelf with variable cutoff frequency, resonance, and gain -Pre-Distortion High Shelf with variable cutoff frequency, resonance, and gain -... (more info)

0 Comments utility, other
Have you ever felt stuck with no idea what to do next? Or perhaps you're paralysed by the sheer number of directions you could take with whatever production you're working on? INSPIR is here to help. ... (more info)

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