Sequencer Devices

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Architect 1.0 by pmonet
898 downloads, 11 Comments lfo, sequencer, effect, utility, glitch
Architect is a user-friendly envelope generator made for drawing complex automation curves in Ableton Live. The envelope shape can be mapped to any parameter and is triggered by MIDI (default) or manu... (more info)

Trigger 2.1 by calvinlanz
392 downloads, 2 Comments synth, drum, sampler, sequencer, effect, utility, glitch, other
**fixed any and all automation issues**A drum trigger, sample auditioner, midi player, sequencer, groove creator... possibilities are endless. In combination with midi effects even more so. This dev... (more info)

Arp One 1.0 by maxforcats
2 Comments sequencer, utility
Arp One is a new Max for Live MIDI Arpeggiator with pattern functionality by Max for Cats. It works similar to the Live Arpeggiator, but lets you define between one and 16 step values for various para... (more info)

Note Trap 1.0 by maxforcats
5 Comments sequencer, other
Place some notes on the grid, transpose them while playing, sync it, unsync it. A small fun device to celebrate my new digital and ensemble synths over at (more info)

Dual Slicer 1.0 by hyakken
1 Comments sampler, lfo, sequencer
New patch for slicer patch users (more info)

NexStep 1.0 by dataf1ow
0 Comments sequencer
The NexStep is step sequencer designed for tight integration with the KMI QuNexus and Ableton Live. It consists of a remote script and a M4L device, and can be used with factory preset D. It can also ... (more info)

Tomb 2.0 by ndivuyo
3 Comments sampler, sequencer
This Device uses a Lemur layout tied into a max patch tied into an ableton instrument rack. You NEED Lemur. Tomb Two is a multi channel sequencer based off the Reaktor ensemble Krypt. It uses 6 samp... (more info)

Grid FX 1.0 by hyakken
0 Comments sequencer, effect
It contains 3 patches.(Grid FIlter, Grid Delay, Grid Verb) (more info)

MK-iii Step Sequencer 1.2 by DSS
0 Comments drum, sequencer
A 4-track MIDI step-sequencer with control over the starting point and length for each track. Additional features include two trigger modes (song sync and MIDI note), assignable MIDI note out, velocit... (more info)

DRK UP TO TEN IN A ROW 1.0 by DrKesler
125 downloads, 0 Comments sequencer, utility, other
DRK UP TO 1O IN A ROW is a manual step sequencer, pre-build melody trigger, useful for play with qwerty keyboard or simple sensors, in order to play various notes, clips, loops or events assigned by m... (more info)

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