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CSWS 009 N9000 Max for Live 1.0.8 by Ruslan
0 Comments synth, sequencer, other
Exponential Ethernet feeder for VLF transmission. CSWS009 - Web Shop #009 Release date: 27-10-2015 Transmission: Real-time Buffer size: 2048 samples Transport quantization: 512PPQ Grid: Exponential (more info)

Analog Rytm Pattern generator and Randomizer 1.0 by alex808
453 downloads, 4 Comments drum, sequencer, effect, utility, glitch, other
This is a device to use with elektron analog rytm this device can do 2 things 1) generate random patterns (i used my old device Drumpatt to do this) without kick (kick i presume you program from t... (more info)

Harpeggiator 1.3 by WillSavin
776 downloads, 11 Comments sequencer, effect, other, dj
An arpeggiator with a twist, this device lets you create arpeggios by sweeping across held notes in every octave, like a glissando on a harp, hence the name. You can sweep manually with a fader or kno... (more info)

BetterBeatstep 1.0 by jonbenderr
229 downloads, 5 Comments sequencer, hardware
No more MIDI Control Center... Control over more than just gates and pitch... blue LEDs. The official control surface script was released with the Ableton Live 9.5 update. You... (more info)

Chord-O-Mat 2.02 by lqud
1 Comments sequencer, utility, push
Chord-O-mat 2 is a Max for Live Device for Ableton Live. It is a Chord-Library, Chord-Player with an integrated Sequencer. Chord-O-Mat is designed to explore chords and progressions, get a Point to st... (more info)

Pico 1.2 by linalab
0 Comments sampler, sequencer
Sampler and sequencer of traditional sounds and rhythms from Colombia. Free ableton Pack, Sounds by Harvey Cubillos. (more info)

New Path 1.0 by TheZooo
0 Comments sequencer, other
New path is a two dimensional sequencer that generates midi and controls device parameters. – create unexpected rhythms, harmonies and melodies. – make complex algorithmic music – and use it as... (more info)

TriggerTune 1.0 by maxforcats
1 Comments sequencer
TriggerTune is designed to play a melodic sequence with just the press of a (MIDI mappable) button or by an incoming MIDI note. This allows e.g. drummers to map the ‘STEP’ button to a MIDI trigge... (more info)

Digitech Bass Whammy Harmony Sequencer 1.0 by natecraypo
2 Comments sequencer, hardware
This is a sequencer for the harmony settings of a Digitech Bass Whammy pedal. (more info)

genstep16 - a generative step sequencer 2.0 by kasperskov
2 Comments sequencer, other
genstep16 is a generative step sequencer with randomization options that stays within the confines of predefined scales, rhythms, and dynamics. Manually adjust or automate variety in duration and velo... (more info)

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