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articulaCtion 1.2 by Crampe
2 Comments sampler, utility, push
a straightforward MaxForLive midi device to control articulation changes/keyswitches à la Cubase Expression Map/ Logic Pro Articulation ID. Easy to set up. Control your big sampler (Kontakt, EastW... (more info)

Push FX Central 1.0 by lqud
0 Comments utility, other, hardware, push
Push FX Central is a Max for Live Device, where you 're able to Map Parameters from Live to the Pads of your Push. It works with Push 1 and Push 2. You can configure all Pads freely, build Radiogroup... (more info)

fp.Remix 1.01 by eltnet
0 Comments effect, push
Multichannels mixer inspired by Make Noise RxMx (and for sure the Grant Richter's "cadavre exquis" mixer aka Exquisite Corpse). Level controls the amplitude and frequen... (more info)

fp.waldorfPulse2 2.12 by eltnet
0 Comments hardware, push
Waldorf Pulse 2 Control and Monitor (In & Out) with Arpeggiator & Patterns. SYSEX needs to be enabled for full features. (more info)

fp.ShermanFILTERBANK 1.1 by eltnet
2 Comments hardware, push
Sherman FILTERBANK 2 Control. (more info)

fp.moogSlimPhatty 1.03 by eltnet
0 Comments hardware, push
Moog Slim Phatty (Maybe LP too) control. 14bits only for now. Please adjust your setup. The modwheel is disconnected and set to full by default. To control LFO, please m... (more info)

aP - Rip 1.0 by ascoltatore
0 Comments drum, sequencer, utility, other, m4lhackevent, push
Video Demo Rip is a tiny simple device inspired by the Time Division buttons on Ableton Push. Since I sold my Push I always wanted the repeat feature back... (more info)

fp.Waveguide 1.04 by eltnet
5 Comments synth, effect, push
Waveguide / Karplus Strong technique / Delay line inspired by Make Noise Mysteron, Meng Qi Karp, etc. It can accept any audio signal input. (more info)

fp.Sequence 2.1 by eltnet
0 Comments sequencer, push
64 steps sequencer with individual control inspired by various models like Ryk M-185, Metropolis, Numerology, etc… Transposition, Velocity (with fade in or fade out in... (more info)

fp.Noise 1.04 by eltnet
0 Comments synth, lfo, effect, other, push
Collection of generated stereo noises. (White, Gaussian, F-F2-1/F2, Gray, Pink, Red, Crackle, Dust, Bow, MM5837, LFClipNoise, Logistic, Lorenz-Rossler, Wave) (more info)

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