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M4L Amp Modulator 1.8 by akihiko
1 Comments synth, drum, sampler, video, lfo, sequencer, effect, utility, glitch, other, hardware, dj, m4lhackevent, beta, push
Amplitude modulator for ableton Live (Max for Live). Demo Movie. Other Plugins. (more info)

Autosputter 1.1 by ldmdevices
5 Comments effect, glitch
A simple device that gives you 4 buttons of stuttering loop power! Based on the old Instajungle vst (and a handy tutorial by Ned Rush), this will simply loop any incoming audio in small pieces to cre... (more info)

TransPan 0.5 by LAEX
357 downloads, 2 Comments effect, utility, glitch
Transient driven panner. Pan left and right by incoming signal. check video 0.5 Separate amount control for Left and Right (more info)

M4L Single DruMMer 1.0 by egnouf
2 Comments drum, sequencer, utility, glitch, hardware, push
The perfect companion for creating HUMANIZED Drums Line & nice melodies/leads : Simple & Live ! This version is derived from the famous M4L PRO Instant Drummer plug in. It contains only one row to ... (more info)

Simple Parameter Sequencer 2 by Prebentious
437 downloads, 0 Comments sequencer, glitch
Click MAP, Click a Parameter, move the knobs. This is an update to a device I made a long time ago: This works with Live 9.6 a... (more info)

RaQ Motion - Sequencer - LFO for AudioRacks 1.0 by lqud
785 downloads, 1 Comments lfo, sequencer, utility, glitch
RaQ Motion is a M4L Device you put in front of a Audio Rack. The 8 Macro Controls will be controlled by RaQ Motion. Have fun. (more info)

Retorno Delay 1.0 by walrusmuse
735 downloads, 1 Comments effect, glitch, other, dj
Retorno Delay is a reverse delay based on constant (per bar) sampling into groove~ :: you can use timestretch to vary tone and timing :: you can vary the speed of the playback and you can vary the tim... (more info)

Scratchy McScratchFace 1.0 by tomcosm
1 Comments sampler, effect, glitch, dj
Scratchy McScratchFace is a pseudo turntablist right inside of Ableton Live. Video example here: It let’s you quickly pitch shift up an... (more info)

Problems Random Drum Machine 1.0 by RedBeats
2 Comments synth, drum, sequencer, glitch, other
This Device is a super-randomized, multi-clocked/triggered/timed dual drum-machine and sequencer that focuses on the Ratchet module that produces incredibly glitched-out, stuttered, fluttering sounds.... (more info)

ModDelay2 1.0 by hyakken
0 Comments effect, glitch
version 2 of ModDelay2 free update for DelayPack user (more info)

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