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Simple Octave 1.1 by flec8
17 downloads, 0 Comments effect
A crude edit of Cycling's "Simple Pitch Shifter" from the "Max 7 Pitch and Time Machines" Pack. Functions as an Octave pedal type effect for realtime and recorded audio input. Choose between: Octav... (more info)

DENPA Bit Crusher 1.0 by DENPA
1 Comments effect
Simple Bit Crusher. Bit : 1~16 (more info)

Midi Notes Redux 1.0 by floszk
0 Comments effect, utility, other, dj
Simplify your Midi Keyboard ! Midi Notes Redux allows you to select different midi notes and reduce them to one single one. Perfect to simplify your mapping for easy creation and live performance. Up ... (more info)

Simple 7 Note Harmonizer 1.0 by RmaN
111 downloads, 0 Comments effect, beta
Simplest 7 Note Harmonizer in the world With Velocity Control for Every Voice in your Chord (Harmony)! the main advantage of this relative to Ableton Native Chord midi Effect is the velocity control ... (more info)

Gate.me - MIDI Gate 1.0 by yehezkelraz
0 Comments effect, utility, other, dj
Gate.me! MIDI Gate with ADSR envelope (M4L) with Gate.me! you can apply volume envelope to any Audio signal using MIDI notes. It comes with Velocity sensitivity, ADSR envelope, Note on/off trigger sw... (more info)

Ultra Mega Looper 1.0 by tomcosm
2 Comments sampler, effect, utility
I made this today because I get hit up now and then about how to easily record live looping into separate layers. The device has one single button, and depending on how you use the button different t... (more info)

DENPA Ring Modulator 1.0 by DENPA
0 Comments effect
Modulator Waveform : Sine, Triangle, Square, Saw (more info)

Szk Chaos Pack 1.0 by floszk
0 Comments synth, lfo, sequencer, effect, utility, other
A collection of 8x devices and midi instruments dedicated to autogenerative music and Live’s parameters modulations. Randomizer, Fractal synth, Strange Attractors patterns, Modulation with audio in... (more info)

MTDelay TwinDelay 1.0 by hyakken
0 Comments effect
additional patches for delay pack user (more info)

circuit 1.0 by ndivuyo
0 Comments effect, other
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ShmHxpRhvtY circuit is a FREE Lemur controller synced to a Max / MaxforLive device. It is an experimental audio effect for creating textures, reverbs, delay a... (more info)

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