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Synced Lemur Recording Fader 1.0 by ndivuyo
0 Comments effect, utility
This is a max4live patch that syncs a fader from the Lemur ipad app to record custom automations on beat. Just set the desired loop length, and double tap to record your automation and double tap to s... (more info)

Random Midi Delay 8 Notes 1.0 by happytosh
101 downloads, 0 Comments effect, utility, push
If you use Push Repeat, Chord trigger arpeggiator, Schwarzonator or anything that triggers a lot of note at exactly the same time, put this device after it and turn up the dial to get a few millisecon... (more info)

Midi Note Control Parameters 1.0 by xmonsta
0 Comments effect, utility, other, hardware
This free device allows you to control parameters based on the midi notes you play: Device Controls: Random - Midi Note triggers random parameter change Pitch - Midi Pitch triggers parameter change ... (more info)

Oktopush for the AKAI PUSH 1.0 by S4racen
0 Comments effect, glitch, hardware, dj
We've extended our Isotonik range to the excellent AKAI Push... This template can be configured for use with a single output or up to four channels for use with an audio mixer such as a Pioneer DJM..... (more info)

Note transpose depending CC value 1.0 by veedjee
61 downloads, 0 Comments effect, utility
Note transpose depending CC is an utility who allow to transpose an incoming MIDI note depending a CC value. eg, usefull for V-drum when you hit hi-hat and control the foot pedal at the same time. Q... (more info)

Grid Multi FX V2 2.01 by hyakken
2 Comments sequencer, effect, glitch
version 2 of Grid Multi FX **for Mac user** If you have some issue with the patch, please try to re-install Java. Update: v2.01 "R" and "C" button didn't work correctly(fixed). (more info)

Slide Machine 0.9 by happymachine
2 Comments effect, other
***THIS DEVICE IS RELEASED AS A BETA VERSION ALTHOUGH I DON'T PLAN TO RELEASE FURTHER ADVANCED VERSION (except to fix eventual major bugs)*** I would really like to invest more in programming M4L devi... (more info)

CC and toggle to MIDI notes 1.1 by veedjee
111 downloads, 0 Comments effect, utility
CC & Toggle to MIDI notes is a simple utility to send MIDI notes - Mappable toggle to send and release MIDI note - Mappable Dial to use midi CC for triggering MIDI notes Each dial can control up to ... (more info)

Triple-Perc by Custom Art Tools 1.0 by tmartinez88
1 Comments synth, sampler, effect, other
Triple-Perc is a three track granular manipulation device for live sound or use with your clip library. Also available as a standalone application for Mac OSX and Windows. Demo Video: https://www.you... (more info)

Streuner s Chorddevice 2.0 by Streuner
349 downloads, 3 Comments effect, utility, other, dj, beta
13.10.2014: So I did some more testing and found that some chord options are not saved correctly. The interface shows the correct selections, but the device doesn`t play them. I`ll try to fix this....... (more info)

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