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Rattle Snake 1.0 by tmartinez88
0 Comments effect, other
Distortion / Compression Video Demo in Link Rattle Snake creates Distortion and Compression based on a user drawn, 512 sample lookup table. Drawing into the table gives new positions to incoming sam... (more info)

SwirlyTape 1.0 by jabbone
200 downloads, 1 Comments effect, glitch, dj
Emulates a Tape delay It features - Independent or slaved Left/Right Channel Beat Synced lengths - Infinite feedback - Bandpass filter with adaptive Q (Resonance) and Gain - Auto wobbling - Paralle... (more info)

Xfade looper 1.0.0 by chrissie
155 downloads, 0 Comments effect
A cross-fading looper suitable for making drones from live instruments. It allows you to make smooth repeating sound effects without the annoying 'click' of normal loopers. It allows the recorded soun... (more info)

Push Chop Ver 1.0 by dataf1ow
0 Comments sampler, effect, glitch, beta, push
This is the first version of a 4 channel Looper/chopper for the Ableton Push hardware. There is documentation included in the device that details how you use the Push to record and manipulate audio.... (more info)

Directional Scale .6 by dennisdesantis
213 downloads, 0 Comments effect
A clone of Live's Scale MIDI effect, modified to allow different scales to be used when ascending and descending. The most common real-world example of this is the melodic minor scale, which is the s... (more info)

PK MIDI Monitor 1.0 by patrickkidd
57 downloads, 0 Comments effect, utility, other
A very simple midi monitor that prints all incoming messages to the console and the last message to the device's front view. This simple device has been very helpful in debugging my other more complex... (more info)

PK Mole Hill 1.0 by patrickkidd
79 downloads, 0 Comments effect, utility, other
PK Mole Hill allows you to send or receive midi messages from one channel into another without using Ableton routing. Ableton's vast tangled haystack is the "hill", and this device is the "mole". Ins... (more info)

Ottawa - The Auto Wah 1.0 by philknock
216 downloads, 0 Comments effect, other
Ottawa is a filter whose cutoff point is controlled by the amplitude of the incoming signal. I'm sure it is also a lovely city. To hear a demonstration of this effect, listen to Something About Us b... (more info)

TriGator2 1.01 by hyakken
6 Comments lfo, sequencer, effect
version2 of TriGator model of this patch is Alligator Triple Filtered Gate by propellerhead ----------------------------------------------------------------------- update v1.01 "R C" button didn't w... (more info)

DENPA Tube Overdrive 1.0 by DENPA
0 Comments effect
This device is the overdrive effector that generates even harmonics. (more info)

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