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MFB Tanzmaus 0.2 by metamo
119 downloads, 4 Comments hardware
Simple Device for the CC parameters of the Tanzmaus. Based on this Tanzbär controller: (more info)

BPMBang.TrackClip 1.0 by 2WeaK
534 downloads, 2 Comments utility, dj
realy simple bpm control for dj-ing. make a clip with automation. wich control the two parameters, the bpm it should jump to , and bang the button when. after one bar ,to or more. makes it easy to... (more info)

Bass Station II - Simple Controls 1.0 by netzbandit
435 downloads, 1 Comments hardware, push
This is my first attempt to create a Max4Live device. It is a simplified control surface for the Novation BassStation II. The following settings can be made: - patch selection - filter manipulation ... (more info)

Density Feedback Loop 0.1 by HWood
453 downloads, 0 Comments effect, other
Reduces note density in proportion to... note density. Note subtraction is either on a probabilistic or chaotic basis. Useful for generative MIDI. Hacked together from (more info)

MFB Tanzbar Controller 1.0 by sd88me
800 downloads, 7 Comments drum
MFB Tanzbar MIDI CC Controller - All available controls for sound tweaking. - Save preset drum kits by saving your max4live patch setup. - Automapped for PUSH Only issue is when live tweaking CC va... (more info)

Oscilloscope V2 2.9 by blindeQ
4315 downloads, 11 Comments effect, utility, other, beta
M4L Oscilloscope v2 Analyze and Visualize Audio Signals. Use the devices after Instruments/Audiosignals etc. or put it in the Master Channel. You need an Audiosignal source like a Synthesizer, Sample... (more info)

zb.metricStumble 1.0 by ZlatkoBaracskai
509 downloads, 1 Comments glitch, other
This device allows for extending the metric cycle of audio material. It will cut back in time a certain amount of times (cuts) every tabSize amount of grid points. This is done based on the probabilit... (more info)

zb.zXDistortion 2.0 by ZlatkoBaracskai
895 downloads, 1 Comments effect
zb.zXDistortion is a zero-crossing distortion plugin. It zeros all the samples between the lower threshold and the higher threshold. This type of distortion is special because it does not depend on th... (more info)

zb.detune 1.0 by ZlatkoBaracskai
761 downloads, 9 Comments utility, other
Detunes the MIDI notes by changing the pitchshift control. Needs an intrument with a -1 +1 pitch range in semitones. (more info)

zb.sWine 1.0 by ZlatkoBaracskai
387 downloads, 1 Comments synth
This is a sinewave synth with a feedback mechanism that allows gradual introduction of harmonics. It has extended control over amplitude and pitch trajectories when starting, ending and overlapping no... (more info)

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