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FluLoop 1.0 by jabbone
296 downloads, 2 Comments sampler, glitch
Fluid Looper, continous realtime looping machine get a taste of what one can do here In a world where the net is privatized & good old sharing is getting harder and ha... (more info)

Timing Sensitive Midi Looper 1.1.0 by krito
246 downloads, 5 Comments sequencer, utility
Krito's Timing Sensitive Midi Looper is a lightweight zero latency midi looper, made for live midi looping. Features: - Record, Overdub, Play and Clear buttons. These work as independent buttons: Wh... (more info)

SmartMap 1.0 by B4F
140 downloads, 0 Comments utility
Mapping utility based on the state of the track (selected / armed) to auto turn on / off devices or racks. I use it to automatically turn on the VSTs upstream of a looper and save CPU or automate aud... (more info)

SmartPedal 1.1 by B4F
121 downloads, 0 Comments utility
Emulation of the looper pedal button. It lacks the possibility of clear the loop but allows automations. This allows the button to be functional only if the track is selected or armed, which greatly ... (more info)

Multi-Looper Visuals and Window 1.0 by pyamada
118 downloads, 3 Comments utility
Forked from This allows 3 loopers to be visualised both in the device GUI and on a separate window. Let me k... (more info)

Parameter Looper - Record and Loop Parameters 1.0 by GlintEye
310 downloads, 0 Comments lfo, sequencer, effect, utility
Record and Loop Parameter Movement independently from automation manipulate speed and phase after recording. I'm not 100% sure how everything works anymore but i can remember that i put a lot of time... (more info)

Envelooper 1.0.1 by altarofwisdom
0 Comments sampler, lfo, glitch
Welcome to the realm of sample accurate advanced sidechaining and more ! Envelooper is a multi usage tool, designed for the most basic sidechaining (volume "pumping") effect but that can as well lead... (more info)

Midi Looper 1.0 by isfopo
414 downloads, 3 Comments sequencer
A device that emulates the native Ableton Live Looper device, but records to a clip clip. Simply drop into a midi track and use the button to record, play, overdub and stop. Disclaimer: Be sure auto... (more info)

LikeABoss Looper 1.10 by InguinalLig
106 downloads, 0 Comments utility
Video explaining. I'll update the video to make it clearer when I get some time. If you have comments or suggestions or ways to clean up the code, please c... (more info)

5 Comments drum, sequencer, other
MOLECULAR is an organic arpeggiator – an ingenious hybrid between a molecular music box, a MIDI looper and an arpeggiator. It creates unique and vibrant patterns for harmonic instruments as well as ... (more info)

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