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mm.Clip Looper 2.1 by MessinkiMusic
0 Comments utility
Turns a group of tracks into a clip based looper Features Record clips into the selected scene, to easily create different sections of a song If two or more loopers share the same input channel, o... (more info)

The Percolator by Chaos Culture and Do the Thing 1.0 by IsotonikStudios
1 Comments effect
UPDATED FOR LIVE 11  Module Reset & Randomization ● Press Reset to reset the module to the default settings. ● Press Randomize to to randomize the module p arameters. ○ The randomization is... (more info)

LiveDeck 1.0 by NoraPatches
4 Comments effect, utility, glitch, other, dj
LiveDeck is a M4L audio effect and Live API utility tool that features a three-band EQ, a combo filter (LP/HP), a simple limiter and a looper section that always controls the currently playing warped ... (more info)

GrainLoop 1.2 by Noisscoko
1 Comments sampler, lfo, effect, other, push
GrainLoop is a real time audio looping device that uses granular synthesis as an alternative for the old classic and traditional linear playback. This sample based technique triggers a continuous stre... (more info)

Subtractive Looper 2.0 by tothesun
4 Comments utility
A 4-track polyphonic looper that allows you to "subtract" from each loop by adjusting a simple and intuitive amplitude envelope, featuring sample-accurate interpolation written in gen~, choice of free... (more info)

Arrangement Looper V2.1 2.1 by AbletonKurse
0 Comments utility, other
This free Max for Live devices lets you set multiple loops regions in the Arrangement View in Ableton Live. This becomes handy if you want regions to loop automatically when playing/performing in Arra... (more info)

Helisert 4.0 by KentaroSuzuki
0 Comments effect
Looper for Stream-Rec and Circular-Play (more info)

Transmutator 1.1 by opticon93
491 downloads, 6 Comments sequencer
Hi Folks, this Transmutator is a major upgrade of my old Transmutor device. From left to right, the main new modules are the Midi Looper/Recorder, several Midi Mutators and Export/Save. I know the ... (more info)

Feedback Loop 2.0 by DougHirlinger
0 Comments effect
UPDATED! (See original description below) v.2 has been updated for LOOPER-LIKE FUNCTIONALITY. Including a button for tapping loop start and stop, input mute, loop clear, and dry signal level control -... (more info)

Lungz 1.0 by Lungz
458 downloads, 0 Comments sampler, other
A simple to use multi-channel playback sytem to instantly breath fire. Lungz consists of two sample based loopers. The left looper plays back multiple channels at controllable playback speeds in th... (more info)

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