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Godel 3 1.0 by ernestm
2 Comments synth, lfo, sequencer, effect
Polyphonic analog synth emulation with polyphonic arpeggiator and chord generator. Fixes Godel 2 bugs; adds 37 new oscillator types; improved 5D SV ffilter. Features Top-quality audio * First audio... (more info)

Godel 2 2.4 by ernestm
4 Comments synth, lfo, sequencer
High quality audio - First audio instrument built entirely in gen~. Internal 64-bit operation. Custom antialiasing and 3x oversampling - >150 automation parameters - Fullydocumented, please see: http... (more info)

fp.Rectify 1.2 by eltnet
365 downloads, 0 Comments effect, other
A combination of Zero Crossing Gate and Rectifier using [pong~]. Zero Crossing Gate cuts the signal between a certain amount of zero crossings. Rectifier makes it absolute and distorted. Two versions... (more info)

Phase Distortion Synth 1.1 by pechmann
6374 downloads, 24 Comments synth
This is my (first, finished) synthesizer. It is a polyphonic wavetable synthesizer using various techniques of phase distortion in a feedback loop. It's got some virtual analog filters and a 5x8 modul... (more info)

Spektro Nucleation 2.0 by IcaroFerre
0 Comments effect, glitch
Spektro Nucleation is a waveshaper and bitcrusher inspired by the eurorack module WMD Geiger Counter. As in the WMD module, you can change the order of the 2 stages (bit-crusher / waveshaper) and cha... (more info)

Phawuo S 1.1 1.0 by njazz
0 Comments synth
[hello, this is my first experiment with making a sort of commercial device. any feedback is much appreciated! thank you!] Phawuo is a monophonic Maxforlive synthesizer with special dirty yet antial... (more info)

REF by K-Devices 1.0 by kdevices
3 Comments effect, utility, other
THE RAD ENVELOPE FOLLOWER REF is a Max For Live envelope follower with advanced features. It allows you to modulate anything you want in Ableton Live: other devices, the user interface, and third part... (more info)

LorenzLFO 1.01 by njazz
1452 downloads, 2 Comments lfo, utility, other
This device can control up to three parameters with the Lorenz attractor (code ported to gen~ from the a-chaos library lorenz object by Andre Sier, updated with toggles for... (more info)

Shaper by K-Devices 1.0 by kdevices
0 Comments effect
THE SMART AUDIO DESTROYER Shaper is a Max For Live audio effect for audio destruction. Using on first two different algorithms for wave-shaping, audio signals can then be processed with a really int... (more info)

f303 1.1 by njazz
471 downloads, 2 Comments effect
18dB/octave lowpass filter with tanh~ distortion filter source code by Josep M Comajuncosas from / csound lpf18 opcode, ported to gen~ >> updated with an envelope follower (more info)

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