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Name | Version: note a chance 1.3
Author: offthesky
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: a generative midi effect featuring note probability, random octave, random velocity (+-), random midi note farter, humanize, note scale (major, minor, japanese, etc etc), wacky pitchbend/cc lfo. 'the riddler' approved.

the flow: midi in (combines with built in midi note generator) --> note prob -- > rand velo/humanize --> rnd octave --> note scale --> out. of course the pbend/cc smooth random lfo is separate from all that.

tip: combine the random note generator with a scale (major, minor)

this is an old one i finally finished up. something i use all the time when creating generative music. it started as a project to just build a simple midi note probability gate (as i wasn't finding any great free options here that supported polyphony properly) but then mutated from there... i tried to fit a lot of firepower under one tiny roof. hopefully you find it useful.

the scale stuff used is from the 'scale master' device by modul8tor:

known issue: sometimes the humanize can causes notes to stick if you are spamming notes rapidly through it.

also, not sure what happened when the gif converter spat out the cover image, but its magically befitting of the random nature of this device

v1.2 - cleaning up the note generator. added more time amount to the note generation rate for slower vibe. added info hints to gui elements. improved the scale selection section. also removing the parts from the scale patch that were throwing errors in max.

v1.3 - disabling midi reactive animations as that is maybe causing cpu spike on some computers


Live Version Used: 11.2.10
Max Version Used: 8.3.3
Date Added: May 18 2023 21:39:03
Date Last Updated: May 21 2023 04:38:32
Downloads: 795
License: AttributionNonCommercialShareAlike
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Device File: note a chance.amxd


note gen. doesn't close properly or something like that i don't know it still generates notes.
@semi9696 just did a little cleanup to the note gen subpatch. try it now and see if it still acts up
This looked like it would be very cool. Unfortunately, I placed it before an Operator in the composition I was working on and it crashed Ableton Live 10.1.4 on Catalina. Now I can't get the project to open again. I even tried removing your device from the project folder and tried again. Somehow Ableton still has it in the project even though I removed it from my Max folder. Oh well. Please let me know if you can fix it. I'll text it on something not important like this was. - Rob
@irishmos - if the .als file is still crashing even after you removed all instances of the note a chance.amxd file, that sounds like a bug directly within ableton live 10 that has possibly corrupted your project. if you are still unable to get your .als to open (even after completely removing the note a chance.amxd from your hard drive) i highly recommend u try to submit a bug report to ableton (attaching the .als file) so that this kind of thing doesn't happen to any others.
Once, I manually reloaded it without Note a Chance, there was no issues. I think even though I removed the note a chance from the crashed session, the ableton back up had it in the folder and I can't remove it. So I gave up on recovering the old session. It's not the end of the world. Just providing feedback.
It's workin so far on a different fresh project I started with. I like all of these but please update the ones with white font lettering. I can't see anything it says and I'm right up on the screen. It's become a trend in this past month and it renders comprehension of the patterns to be impossible. Thank you. (Especially for us older guys)
Well, I had all 4 working, one on each Live stock instrument channel. Was fine for 15 min and then crashed again. It reopened with Live recover. I've seen this before with modulation devices. They are rather cool for generative type stuff. I hope it all gets sorted.
@irishmis, have you re-downloaded and tried the latest version?
I have now and will test!
Hi, great device!
& thanx a lot for all your knowledge, experimentations trips and myriad of presets and devices shared here or on your great YT channel.

with note a chance 1.2, I get crashes after playing with it a few mins. Just with a setlive with operator and note a chance 1.2. Tweaking some parameters and bam! ciao ^^
Under last Live v11 (note beta).

When I recall the setlive, after the bug, it works for a bit of time then again crashes.

Quite cpu intensive (around 6% cpu) for just a midi device & operator with just 2 osc running without filter running, and just velocity mod on OSC volB.

with just the operator running I got just 2% cpu (the note chance is off) then make the chance device on spikes too 6% cpu sometimes. Anyway this not just about it, off course.

When turning off the warble it spike now until 4% cpu. Re enable it & tweak it a bit = live doesn't crashes (yet? ^^) cpu spikes to 7% now.

Seems stable now, will try to add some devices and stuff.

Cheers and be bback asap.

hello again!
Live crashes again when adding Seasick then Stranger Grain devices.
@akningang - thankyou for the feedbacks! if you are getting ableton crashes, please report those directly to ableton. it is a known fact that max for live is full of bugs. but i personally have not experienced any crashes using these. also i have not noticed cpu spikes and i have tested all of them on a rather slow $80 2gram asus laptop. of course im on windows here.
I just reached you on FB messenger!
also @akingang, i am going to send this and seasick to a friend who is an advanced max developer and see if she can spot any issues (i am still a moderate, hobbyist max dev myself)
please download the latest 1.3 version. my friend informed me that the animated ui objects might be culprit for cpu problems on certain computers so ive turned that element off in this device.
also ive updated seasick. the download now contains an additional "no fun ui" version (animations removed)

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