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Name/Version: Freeze-Space 1.1
Author: KentaroSuzuki  
Description: Freeze the space.
Please see the link for details.

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Tags synth, sampler, lfo, effect, glitch, other, dj
Live Version Used: 10.0.1
Max Version Used: 8.0.1
Date Added: Jan 17 2019 19:31:12
Date Last Updated: Jan 18 2019 19:36:49
Device Type: audio_device
Download URL (report link)
License (more info): Commercial


It's a very lovely device, except it's only effective when the window is visible. As soon as I fold the window or switch to another chain it stops responding to controls, at least on my system.

Thank you for your purchase. I will update as soon as it is investigated.

Hi @KentaroSuzuki
Any plans for a bundle price or promotional offer on your current collection of devices?

Hello, unfortunately there is no plan. Because sales are not the primary objective. I make M4L for my sound design. I think that it will last long if you buy it after thinking carefully which is necessary.Thank you.

I fixed the bug. Please try it with Ver1.1.

Works perfectly. Thanks!

Hi. it's a good device,the controls are very intuitive, but I've a problem with mine.I have a Macbook pro and i'm using Ableton 9.7. I have to "Freeze" my guitar.
when i press the freeze button the sound that come out it's glitchy,broken..
not like a "freeze" sound.I've tried everything, but the only way that i have for obtain a good sound is to play a chord, wait one second and then press the freeze button on the cue of the chord.But it's really difficult to do..if i don't freeze in this "exact" moment everything it sounds super glitchy.
Any solution?
Thank you

Hi martino.
Is it a bit confusing so it is possible to capture movies on your PC?
I will do my best to solve it. Thank you.

Hi Kentaro, sorry for my explanation. It's not about capture movies.
I try to explain in a simple way:
I open your plugin in an audio channel where it's plugged my guitar.
Then i start to play, for example a chord, but when i press "freeze" the freeze sound that's come out is distorted,like noisy textures,'s very different by the original sound. The only way that i have to obtain a good sound is to play a chord, wait and freeze only the very last cue of the chord sound, but it's very difficult because i have to hit every time this exact moment and it's impossible. Normally i use the "freeze1" plugin from max for live, i like the sound, but this one doesn't have fade in and fade out tool,so it's clippy, and i really want to resolve with yours because i like.
If you give me an email i can send to you an audio clip, maybe you can understand better.
Thank you

I understood. Have you adjusted Freeze Length fader so that it becomes a ideal freeze sound? Basically by lengthening the Freeze Length it will become a smooth and beautiful sound.

Yes,i've tried by adjusting length at maximum level but the problem remains the same.

Ok, it may be because the freeze contains a strong sound of guitar attack. If you can not solve by just adjusting the Length(It can be solved by this unless it is a phrase with a lot of attack.), you only have to practice timing to turn on Freeze.

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