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Name/Version: CS80 2.1
Author: RogueLeada  
Description: inspired by the 1976 mighty CS80

but 6 voices of polyphony

using twice a poly~ object to reproduce the 2 channels of the original.

controls: velocity, aftertouch "mono" (sorry but it's an Ableton limitation, no channel pressure inside Live, max handles this but not Live yet, maybe soon as long as the MIDI recently evolved with the add of MIDI Polyphonic Expression, aka MPE , as a standard)

use the preset "INIT" as a starting point

V1.2: new custom filter envelope ADR with Initial attack level (IL)
AL (filter env amount) can go negatively.
added GLISSANDO/PORTA switch wich also affect pitch bend and subosc (aka LFO).
added RETRIG for the subosc to achieve pseudo third envelope triggering tweak.
a few presets added, sound design examples.

V2: in the v1, I've made a big mistake in the filter modulations which were in linear and were obviously very tough to control, this is now fixed.
added some visualisations of the filters enveloppes because since these are not classical adsr it's easier to use both eyes and ears.
added random and strech for analog like synth
added a background for those whom use "light" theme
V2.1: fixed brillance knob, detune ch.2
added some presets

I haven't done automapping since the amount of parameters in this device. if you want some automap features on Live 10 put in a "live.banks" object, double clic on it and you will be able to assign any parameter you want.

You can support my work if you found that it's useful for you on patreon:

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Downloads: 658
Tags synth
Live Version Used: 10
Max Version Used: 8
Date Added: Feb 15 2018 01:56:16
Date Last Updated: Mar 18 2018 16:31:22
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Deckard's Dream supports MPE :)

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